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  1. cjs

    How is this made? CNC Router?

    You Absolutely can, I do it on a regular basis with led panels and signage on a Trotec speedy 400 flexx
  2. cjs

    How is this made? CNC Router?

    I know this is an old topic, but if you look at the grain on the Becker it does not match the back panel. It’s layered, and I’d say was cut on a laser.
  3. cjs

    Font help please

    Wow! Thanks so much!
  4. cjs

    Font help please

    This one is driving me nuts! I had it before a major computer crash and now I need it, and for the life of me can’t figure out what it is!
  5. cjs

    McCormick Farmall font

    Awesome! Thanks guys!
  6. cjs

    McCormick Farmall font

    That's the font I am looking for, just the text not the ih logo
  7. Would anyone know what fonts are close to the McCormick Farmall logo from the 60's? Had a last minute request to make up a sign for a friends tractor they just finished restoring and are taking to its first show this week. Thanks
  8. Don't get a lot of time to play with things that I want for myself, but managed to get some free time to try out some more wall decals for the office. The pickup is actually on the wall ( about 4' long ) but I messed up, and should have used flat instead of gloss vinyl. The VW was only cut small to see how it would turn out before I cut a large one, and my son quickly snapped it up and stuck it to his bedroom wall lol
  9. Now a simple 5 minute job is turning into a nightmare lol Have to now drive 20 minutes each way to measure up a door that we have previously done, to make sure it matches. Once and a while these guys will only letter half of a truck (their drivers tend to damage things on a regular basis lol)
  10. OMG Thanks so much! That's it. Let this be another lesson to myself, not only back up customer files, also fonts!
  11. Long story short... computer crashed a while ago, and after being down for a few weeks I managed to save all of my customer files ( so I thought ) until this one repeat customer called and asked for a few more sets of these.. Easiest job in the world, open the file, run off a bunch and be done with it in 15 minutes while having my eyes closed the whole time lol Apparently his folder was one of the only ones that was not saved off my old hard drive. I am pulling my hair out trying to remember what the script font is....I do know I contoured it to fatten it up a bit, but can not find the font. Its either my anger is getting to me lol, or I don't actually have the font on my new computer... anyone recognize this? I think I remember these were being all standard windows fonts (designed by someone else) I know the other 2 are Swiss 721 Blk BT, and Century Gothic (squished in height) But I'm lost with the other one. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Craig
  12. cjs

    Bayliner Boat Decal by Visual Expressions

    Looks great! I had a similar incident once... showed up and the boat was in the water, and just couldn't install hanging upside down... had to grin and bear it and jump in the water. UGH!
  13. cjs

    Just showing off........

    Trosley style! love it!
  14. Thanks for all the replies! I agree with all of you 100% I walked away from this one, the guy was a pain in the butt right from the start. I suggested most of what you guys posted above to him, and then he just started playing the ignorant card, and wouldn't listen. He was persistent that the old ones be re used, and it had to be done how the previous ones were done. I'm quite happy that I straight out told him NO. 2 weeks later he showed up at my doorstep, wanting to pick his old ones up to take them else where.... shows how well he listened to me.. I never had them in the first place, they were still at his shop where I visited to measure to quote.
  15. I'm having a hard time coming up with pricing on a job that a customer has asked for, its not something I would normally do, but I do get repeat business from this guy. Here is what he wants.... he has two 5' x 10' backlit signs. Faces have been taken down already. they need to be picked up by me and brought to my shop, they have 2 layers of vinyl applied to the back side that has to all be removed, as well as all the glue (ugh!) as he wants to re use them. New art work has to be drawn up and 2 colors applied to the back side (full 5 x 10 coverage) with a 3rd layer of white applied over top of it all... My cost on materials to do this is already at $440 What does everyone think?