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  1. WHIT72

    Attempt number two multi layer vinyl

    I've been using the SC for over a year and I have to say I have no complaints
  2. WHIT72

    Drawstring back packs.

    Thanks, between those or the 100% poly bags without the coating and using easy weed.
  3. WHIT72

    Drawstring back packs.

    Thanks. I guess I'll just give it a whirl, I have an offer for ninety bags so was just looking to see if anyone successfully pressed vinyl on these bags.
  4. WHIT72

    Drawstring back packs.

    Yeah was just wondering if it would adhere I know can use it on 100% poly , I wasn't sure what denier was.
  5. So anyone have any experience with Siser easy weed on these? There made of 600 denier polyester. Thanks
  6. Cool stuff haven't ventured into rhinestones yet, don't think I would have the patience.
  7. WHIT72

    USMC for my brothers topper.

    wow looks good
  8. WHIT72

    couple of more decals

    I like the car also, zombie one is cool too
  9. WHIT72

    Live to ride car tag

    I like it
  10. WHIT72

    Camaro RS/SS PhotoTex

    Sweet camaro, sucks about the shipping.
  11. WHIT72


  12. WHIT72


    Thank you
  13. WHIT72


    And one more.
  14. WHIT72


    Some shirts I have done, not sure if I posted any of these here before. All done with easy weed. Whit
  15. WHIT72

    Start of Trailer

    Nice...I like skulls and the Maltese cross is a favorite if mine. I've done a bunch lately. Looks great.