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  1. I was looking on here for somebody who does vectorizing. I'm a amateur when it comes to this. Every so often I get a complicated graphic for a buddy as a favor to do. I found your name as somebody who does it for a fee.  I am writing to you to see what you charge and if your still available to do it. I used excalibercreations before but from my understanding he is ill right now and not taking any work.  Really had a good relationship with him and looking for others.   if you could email me at and let me know if your interested.

    thanks for your time

    Kent Wright 

    1. skarekrow


      Thank you for your interest Kent and, "Yes", I do vector (and other Software related) work and

      would be happy to look at any projects you may have.

      The price varies with the job particulars and are quoted after those are known.

      Proofs are provided with Deposit (Paypal generally) and Completed Files are provided in

      several formats of your choosing.

      You can PM me here or email me at with requests.

      Additionally, I have a website at for a look at some past projects.

      Thanks for your interest and look forward to working with you,


      (PM with a few more details sent.)

  2. Here are the files you requested... the new forum software would not let me upload them to the common

    1. skarekrow


      Okay.. got it now.