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    Trouble importing an .eps file into SCAL Pro

    CANTON_COUGARS_Repaired.eps I took the liberty of a few small changes... There still is a small amount of clean up work but, That's up to you. If you are planning to cut this in vinyl, put the Black Layer on top.
  2. skarekrow

    My cutter has crashed and I need some decals

    Happy 2 Oblige.
  3. skarekrow

    My cutter has crashed and I need some decals

    Thank you, Sue...
  4. skarekrow

    My cutter has crashed and I need some decals

    QUOTE > "That Sprocket needs some serious cleaning up"< REBUTTAL > "Are you saying your Interested in making the decals or were you just dropping off your criticism?" It's not like he's wrong, racer... I was just hanging out here waiting for a call so I spent 5 minutes re-creating your Sprocket. I'll let you deal with that Text... Might even wanna Re-think that Font Treatment. Yeah, that was Criticism too... deal with it. BrokeSpoke_02.svg BrokeSpoke_02.eps
  5. skarekrow


    The photo method mentioned above is a good starting point but unless the intended surface is flat, cannot account for the simple or compound curves that may be present. There is most often, still a need for Trial & Error to precut vinyl to 'Exact-ness'.
  6. skarekrow

    Tiny Font

    Happy 2 Oblige
  7. skarekrow

    Die for cutting oval magnet

    I was gonna suggest the same... I have an old Liyu TC with 800 grams of downforce that I have successfully used the 'Score & Bend' Technique on Magnet material. (it also cuts 12 mil sandblast masking with the same success)
  8. skarekrow

    Pricing question

    Sounds like your Client has observed a portion of what you do and attached a lower value to your Services. (Assuming he paid your asking price previously.) Personally, I would meet with him and say something along these lines; "Sorry, Mr So & So, I can 't do it for that price ($150) BUT, for $210 I can do such & such." Have it already figured out what you can offer for YOUR Price and concentrate on that Creative Solution being able to meet his immediate need. Perhaps a portion of the signage you previously presented... perhaps changing the Numbers and hanging his existing sign with just the Name installed on the window. Whatever you feel is his most immediate need is. The important points are that YOU are back in the Driver's seat Stipulating the Prices and Possible Solutions. Remember to Keep the communication open with him though... Things like asking him what his Maximum Budget is and what his most important signage problem is can get you together on the Same Page, working on a solution to his problem. Because the bottom line is, he just wants as much from you as he can get for a certain dollar amount. Helping him to feel like he is getting that is all that's needed to close the deal. Also, GET A DEPOSIT.... These types will Short you if they can Justify it in their own Mind.
  9. skarekrow

    Tiny Font

    Looks to be a (Western) Slab Serif called Blackoak Std that's been squeezed.
  10. skarekrow

    does any body have this

  11. skarekrow

    Design Help

    Often, Graphics of this nature are drawn 'naturally' rather than created with filter modules like 'Envelope'. At minimum, they generally need artistic adjustments/modifications done by hand. This one is a fairly easy re-draw, if that's what you're after.
  12. skarekrow

    What syle are these called for TATTOO SODER

    Name or Category of Type Style? Western is the likely answer. My File System has Similar Fonts in a Sub-folder named "Western Circus Tattoo". LHF Boston Truck Style will get you in the Ballpark.
  13. skarekrow

    SVG importing

    Looking back over the thread seem like everyone having the problem is using the US Cutter version of Cut... Hmmm.
  14. skarekrow

    SVG importing

    Just tested jpg, png, svg, eps, ai, and vdoc's... All Successful under File>Import as well as Drag & Dropp'd onto an open document in VinylMaster Pro. Same as it's done for me over the past 3 years. I'm guessing your (problem) copy of Vm is the Chopped 'Cut' Version from US Cutter, Primal? edit: Drag & Drop Successful with pdf and psd (photoshop layered file) and 'imported' it as well.
  15. Short Answer... "Yes". The software will take to to the Activation Page when re-installing, IIRC.
  16. skarekrow

    SVG importing

    I Drag & Drop all my files onto the Vm Pro screen and have never had a problem... is is just the 'Import' function you have issues with or does D&Drop work for you?
  17. skarekrow

    Font help.. Please

    Was no problem in VinylMaster but not so smooth in my Illustrator CS3. Really should work with that software more often. Kudos to you for knocking it out in Illy, Goose.
  18. skarekrow

    Mural Painters Please Reply

    That feature makes me want to Upgrade to the FC...,
  19. skarekrow

    Mural Painters Please Reply

    Have done a number of similar (but smaller scale) projects and ran Brown Masking Paper paper through the Plotter, drawing the pattern with a sharpie marker. After hand-razoring out the drawn pattern, use a small amount of Spray Adhesive like 3M Super 77 to temporary adhere the pattern to your wall or MDO. With a fast drying spray primer, 'Pounce' around the edges of the Stencil to transfer it to the Substrate.
  20. skarekrow

    cut to ltr upgade?

    As a side note, Go-C... Inkscape DOES have the ability to instruct and run a plotter but, from what I have read, it is not for the Computer weak and covers just Basic instructions. It is still under development as Inkscape is Open Source. Otherwise, your /\ above assessment is Spot-On.
  21. skarekrow

    cut to ltr upgade?

    First, the VinylMaster LTR version will not take the place of Gimp. I don't use LTR but my Vm PRO can not preform all the Raster tasks it can so, I doubt 'LTR' can either. Most any 'graphics artist' will still need Raster capable Graphics Software for many image-based Projects. If you are, "already is frustrated that the images have to be created and then traced instead of being created ready to cut." Inkscape creates images in Vector that are 'CUT Ready'... Or are you creating them in GIMP/ Auto Tracing in INKSCAPE/ Save & Open in CUT? If so, you don't necessarily need an up grade in Software but may need an 'upgrade' to your Workflow. As Dakota mentioned, LTR may eliminate (depending up the extent of your Design Needs & Abilities) your need for using Inkscape and combine and simplify your Vector/ Plotter needs. So, there are just 2 basic choices to make... If you are satisfied with the Creation & Modification abilities of your present Design Software Selections, Create the Graphics in Vector with Inkscape and/or CUT and Open them in your Vm Cut and be done. Otherwise, if Un-Satisfied, 2) Pinpoint where the shortcomings with your present systems are and look at the list of LTR attributes and decide if the Upgrade covers it. We cannot ascertain where you are dissatisfied... only you know that.
  22. skarekrow

    Help with 3 color logo

    Look over WildGoose's video of the Parchment Paper Registration Technique...
  23. skarekrow

    Help with 3 color logo

    If I were creating that 4 color image in vinyl I would definitely eyeball a Stacked alignment on the light table for 'Perfect' lay-up... might wanna stack it largest color areas to smallest, too. (Though I think that White will hold it's cool color-temp better over the Blue than the Red.)
  24. skarekrow

    Cut Studio

    I have been with VinylMaster Pro since June of 2014 and extremely happy with it as Plotter/ Cut Software and more than satisfied with its Vector Creation/Modification Tools. A standard issue Pro version (non-US Cutter) of Vm should support as many cutters as you may have and will certainly do perforated cuts (in one pass) and most any plotter related project you can throw at it. Not familiar with 'VersaWorks' but, VinylMaster Pro comes up short on Raster Tools but, in it's defense, it was Designed for Vector-based work. No matter (for me) I use Adobe Photoshop (since the early 90's) for all my Raster work and Inkscape (free vector software) and Adobe Illustrator still get a few chores thrown their way as they has some excellent vector tools as well.
  25. skarekrow

    Vectorizing Sites and Members

    Thanks, Goose... that's good enough to put in an Ad.