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    American Flag Maltese Cross

    Where are these 2 Vector Files you are trying to combine? Those 2 you Posted are Raster... Here they are combined; (I can Zip you up a High Resolution copy if Raster is what you're after) Otherwise, post the 2 Vectors and I'll do the same for them. Are you planning to Cut or Print the Final? Key Word: GRADIENTS.
  2. skarekrow

    Spaces between vinyl pieces

    Don't know about Vm 'CUT' but Vm PRO's OUTLINE MODULE will absolutely do what you are trying to accomplish. The information on 'How' should be found in the following videos; Check FutureCorp's VinylMaster YouTube Channel for tons of other Tutorials...
  3. skarekrow


    In InkScape, Ungroup (top red circle) the items, (twice, in this case) and you can select and separate the "T" into 2 parts. If they were not lined up perfectly, you can often see the double paths under close inspection.
  4. skarekrow

    Pinch roller

    Sounds like you need to have a peek at the Manual;
  5. skarekrow

    Any trademark experts in here?

    I'm certainly no Trademark Expert but, There is some pertinent info here and seems to indicate his TM of the term "I just want to" is pretty weak considering the other marks that include (and Pre-Date?) it . This could make his weak mark difficult and costly to try to police and protect as it simply does not have the same legal protections of a stronger and more distinctive mark. Not so sure I'd back down too quickly if I were in your shoes... Maybe wait on something more official than just his Bully Letter (?). Also, take into consideration how much your Phrase Shirts are bringing in as opposed to what Legal fees might be incurred. Perhaps try and Trademark one of your Phrases?
  6. skarekrow

    Spaces between vinyl pieces

    In Screen Printing there is a term ... "Trap" or "Trapping". This is where the edges of 2 different colors overlap slightly. One reason for this process is to prevent the shirt color from showing between the colors. When designing 2 or more color HTV files, I generally add a small overlap for the same reason. This also reduces the layers as double (or even triple) layers of HTV are avoided because of stiffness, Body heat retention and "hand". The Outline module in VinylMaster is good for adding this contour around the individual color shapes and then weld together the Parent & Child Shapes.
  7. skarekrow

    Does anyone know what this font is??

    Happy 2 Oblige
  8. skarekrow

    Does anyone know what this font is??

    Try Hill House
  9. In Theory, you're Correct however, on the more Practical side ( for this Case, at least) the Time your gonna spend chasing down the original Vector and/or Replacement Fonts, you could have Manually Recreated or Auto-Traced and Cleaned the one right in front of you. (I spent less than 5 minutes on those Results... 5 more and it's Complete. ymmv)
  10. This type of Graphic work requires a minimum of skills in a Raster Editing Software lke Adobe PhotoShop or Corel... Here's a leg up. Still needs a bit of Node Editing. HVC_02b.svg HVC_02b.eps
  11. skarekrow

    Looking For where i can buy the rights if possible

    So there you go... Create your own, 'original' Graphic of the "F*it" idea and make a million bucks... just like all the others that have done the same. ~eyeroll~
  12. skarekrow


    Also, What Plotter & Software are you using and what size are you cutting the graphic? Rounded corners can show up on small items, particularly when produced with Low-end Cutters/Software and/or at High Speeds.
  13. skarekrow

    Need help vectoring this file

    Happy 2 Oblige.
  14. skarekrow

    Need help vectoring this file

    This isn't an Auto-Trace... the Fonts have been replaced with the Original Papyrus, Bradley Hand, and Especial Kay. The first and last 2 are just gnarly by nature. LighthouseAssembly_02b.eps
  15. skarekrow

    issue importing AI file with Text into SCALP3

    I used SignCut for a few years... Great Cutting Program. Left it for VinylMaster Pro... An even Better Cutting AND Design Software, IMO.
  16. skarekrow

    issue importing AI file with Text into SCALP3

    Don't use SCALP but, perhaps it's because the text in Ai is still Live? Try Selecting the Text and Object>Expand before Exporting. Just know that the Text in Ai will no longer be editable as text. I tend to save a a copy of the Live text with my Ai files and expand the Copy to have the ability (if needed) to manipulate as Text at a later date.
  17. skarekrow

    Ai and photoshop help please

    There is no Resolution in Vector images. The png I posted is 120 dpi at 591 x 636 pixels. Yes, you can open the Vector file and enlarge it and save as a Higher Resolution raster image and Yes, it would be helpful if you were planning to Print the raster in a large size.
  18. skarekrow

    Ai and photoshop help please

    I was able to Export the Paths to Illustrator to Vm, Trace the Raster and Replace the Text. Still needs a Nudge or Few to Taste.... (mostly around all those Vertical Bars). This is a good Example of why I use VinylMaster (and Adobe CS3).
  19. skarekrow

    Ai and photoshop help please

    The Fonts aren't the main problem... Foglihten No01, Carolina Mountains, Bickham Script, & Killigrew are all available Free. The Document is Profiled for Printing and though most of the Shapes are Paths, about a third are Rastor and cannot be exported (as vector) to Illustrator. Stuck with Redrawing or Tracing and Re-assembling from there. Either way, plan on spending some time with it to replicate it exactly. Personally, I'd take Mark's (decent) Facsimile and present it to the Client with an Explanation of the file's shortcomings for the Vinyl Plotter.
  20. skarekrow

    My first two projects

    QUOTE> "Then no commas was intentional per the customer." Yup... if I had a nickel for every Client that insisted on Improper Punctuation, I'd be a Rich Man. ...said no one ever.
  21. skarekrow

    Print then cut fc7000
  22. skarekrow

    VM Pro- Weed box Shortcut

    There's an Auto Weed Check Box in the 'Send to Cut' Module;
  23. skarekrow

    NEWBY HERE Please help

    Ancient Chinese Secret... SlmpdBadge_02b.svg SlmpdBadge_02b.eps
  24. skarekrow

    Help cant find font

    Try Amperzand
  25. skarekrow

    Trouble importing an .eps file into SCAL Pro

    It was likely the small amount of Gradient on the "Allstar Baseball Club" Text that was causing most of the issues in your SCALP... Some Vector Software have problems handling it. The ENORMOUS Size of the enclosed Raster image wasn't helping matters either. Your friend seems to have designed the image with Print in mind, not vinyl. Also, As Skeeter & DarcShadow referred to, just because a file is saved as an EPS, doesn't mean the image is a vector. A files format, in this case, 'eps' is just a container and that particular container is able to store either or both, Raster and Vector data. The only vector info in your original file was the Text. The Cougar image was Raster.