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  1. There are 144 square inches (not 12) in a square foot so; 96x32=3072/144 = 21.33 x $5foot = $106.66 (not $1280).
  2. I used SignCut exclusively up until a few years ago... reliable cutting program but my experience was that it definitely preferred svg format vectors files.
  3. QUOTE > "looking for any info on this font." It's an Engraved Type Effect of an Art Deco Font Style. Definitely Custom and Extremely Sexy.
  4. Good to see you're doing okay, Hatter.... Welcome Back.
  5. VinylMaster has several Tools for Manipulation Text to what they term "Arc". Not sure about the 'Cut' Version but, in Vm 'Pro', Text can be modeled in an arc with the the Distortion Tools like the Envelope or Arc Templates as well as the with the "Text Styles" (circle) Tool. Can you be a little more descriptive as to what you are trying to accomplish?
  6. Came out Real Nice... Beautiful Work! ... and Thanks again.
  7. QUOTE> What i'm looking for is a way where I can cut the box without cutting the star shape out. Vm's Vector Module Defaults to an 'Inlaid' Layering Scheme and Traces the Path of the Star into the Box. There is a Check Box labled "Solid Contours Only" (red circle). Tick this and it will produce a 'Stacked' vector with your Red Box solid, beneath the Yellow star. Then you can just 'Cut by Color' to produce the bottom layer without the Star 'cutout'.
  8. Happy 2 Oblige
  9. Do you need to crank up the Color Count to 3, as shown?
  10. I can take care of it... Will Pm you to discuss.
  11. Happy 2 Oblige. You just take a Maltese Cross Vector and use it to Punch Out it's Shape in the Flag Vector and delete any unneeded parts.
  12. MalteseFlag_03.svg MalteseFlag_03.eps If you don't need the Gradients, I can offer this; If you need the Realism that the Gradients in your Posted Pic provide, You'll be cutting MANY layers to achieve a ~somewhat~ similar look.
  13. Where are these 2 Vector Files you are trying to combine? Those 2 you Posted are Raster... Here they are combined; (I can Zip you up a High Resolution copy if Raster is what you're after) Otherwise, post the 2 Vectors and I'll do the same for them. Are you planning to Cut or Print the Final? Key Word: GRADIENTS.
  14. Don't know about Vm 'CUT' but Vm PRO's OUTLINE MODULE will absolutely do what you are trying to accomplish. The information on 'How' should be found in the following videos; Check FutureCorp's VinylMaster YouTube Channel for tons of other Tutorials...
  15. In InkScape, Ungroup (top red circle) the items, (twice, in this case) and you can select and separate the "T" into 2 parts. If they were not lined up perfectly, you can often see the double paths under close inspection.