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  1. vectorize logo question

    QUOTE > "if i cant vectorize white colors how do i add white colors where there is no color`?" Take your image into Pixel/Raster based Software such as Photoshop or Gimp and Color the area you are having trouble with to a different Color than the Background. (Inside the white 'Text', in your Example). Re-Vector the adjusted image.
  2. Diamond plate ????

    This may help... it's US Cutter's, Griff Diamond Plate TO SCALE Looks to be about one inch between diamond centers.
  3. Text in a circle

    Happy 2 Oblige.
  4. Text in a circle

    Create a circle the size you need... Type the needed Text in your Desired Typeface and enlarge to fit comfortably over your Circle. Select your Text then Distortions>Globe. Convert Text to Paths (Curves). Use Node Edit Tools to Nudge Text into Circular Shape. Punch & Trim Tools may also be helpful in Shaping Text.
  5. Printer disappearing

    Yes... Turn Off 'Auto Updates' and roll back to your last Good Version.
  6. VM worksheets

    Happy 2 Oblige.
  7. VM worksheets

    Just adding Text did occur to me as well, just seemed round-about, as well. I've noticed the different Versions of Vm seem to have somewhat different Layouts like they created each one separately, from scratch. He's using the XPT Version in the Video, I believe. You're right though, they buried it rather deep and it seems to be the only way to Clone the Master.
  8. VM worksheets

    In the Object Manager & Properties... Right Click the page you wish to Clone Page Tools > Master Pages > Clone Master Page Will look around to see about Creating Notes for the Page.
  9. Start Button > Settings > Control Panel > Folder Options > View Make sure "Always show Icons, Never Thumbnails" is UNCHECKED and "Apply" or "OK". Then You should be able to Preview the Thumbs within VinylMaster.
  10. The same procedure applies for Vm... Create several full sized pieces of vinyl in your software, overlap their edges the desired amount, place your image object over them and punch it out.
  11. If you can make sense of them, here are 2 links where I briefly explained the procedure manually in Inkscape;
  13. I need tonight and graphic artist is sick

    Perhaps I showed up late to their Party...
  14. I need tonight and graphic artist is sick

    I can remove the Arctic Cat Text and render the Image in Halftones for you to Print a Film Positive to Burn a Screen for 1 color Printing. Here's a low res sample; I also do Color Separations for Screen Printing. Pm me for more info.
  15. Need pricing help

    There are 144 square inches (not 12) in a square foot so; 96x32=3072/144 = 21.33 x $5foot = $106.66 (not $1280).