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  1. skarekrow

  2. Happy 2 Oblige, folks.
  3. Re-Save your Original image in a Bitmap Program like Photoshop or Gimp as a .jpg with a slightly larger background so that the Black in your Example Image does not touch the outside edges of the Background. Alternately, you could remove the white background in a bitmap Program and save as a .png with a TRANSPARENT background and Trace in VinylMaster.. Then, Vector Trace.
  4. skarekrow

    What vinyl for boats?

    I've had excellent results with Orafol 751 and 951 on Marine installations. They're both Cast Vinyls with the exact same adhesive. The 951 is rated @ 8-10 years and the 751 @ 7 - 8 years, depending upon color and sheen.
  5. Yes, Dakota, that is how the 'Drop Shadow' function in Vm works. As far as not having the 2 layers over top of one another; Ungroup the 2 layers (grouped by Default when Created with the Drop Shadow Module) And Punch them out. (Not sure if the Cut Version has all these Features.
  6. skarekrow

    VM cut error shut down pop up

    I also had problems with it crashing with large files on my laptop but it's been smooth sailing on this i7 Desktop with 16 gigs of ram.
  7. skarekrow

    Help with vectorizing or tracing? 50states_assembled.svg 50states_assembled.eps
  8. skarekrow


    With the Text Tool selected, adjust the "Physical Size" of your Glyph(s) where Highlighted in red circle. Use the Select (Arrow) Tool to Adjust the Height or Width (Left of Padlock). Unlock Proportions (Padlock icon) if you need to adjust Height & Width separately.
  9. skarekrow


    The Products are apparently shipped to the Buyer on (physical) USB Flash Drives.
  10. skarekrow

    New font pack -- famous corporate lettering

    How about The History Channel ?
  11. QUOTE from OP > ... and even the entire cutter swapped out for a new one and I am have the same issue!!! < This would indicate that the problem may likely be with the Computer itself. Windows 10 has presented plotter issues for other users too... maybe install your VinylMaster on an older version of Windows and/or try (free) Signblazer Plotter Program to completely eliminate those variables . Which version of Vinylmaster are you using?
  12. skarekrow


    The Ioline Cutters are listed in my VinylMaster Pro Setup Wizard.
  13. skarekrow

    help needed please

    Right Mark but, just as likely it all was made from the Serpentine Font. Check the Details in the G, the A, and the C.
  14. skarekrow

    need help cutting vinyl decals by hand

    Practice at 'Hand-Trimming' vinyl is fairly fruitless if your Goal is to get a Cutter. Your Practice time would be better spent working with Imaging Software and Vector Graphics, IMO. There are a few Free Programs such as Inkscape and Sign Blazer that may Better advance your Knowledge Base. 2cents.