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  1. ... or maybe the Nesting Tool?
  2. Maybe the Cutfile Manager can help you arrange your Objects before cutting? What exactly are you trying to accomplish, Slice?
  3. (After Selecting the complete group of your Multi-Colored object on the Document Work Area) Menu > Send to Cutter > Spool All, Hold down Control on the Keyboard and Select all you wish to send to the Cutter from the column on the Left.
  4. skarekrow

    how would i do this ?

    Sorry, been out with the Wife for a bit... I modified my Diagram. Red Square C are choices to Select 'Solid View' , 'Color WireFrame' or 'WireFrame' Mode. Maybe try those to possibly solve the Color Fill issue you were experiencing? Also. if you are on a keyboard with a Number Pad, Hitting the "+" Key will Duplicate anything selected.
  5. skarekrow

    how would i do this ?

    In VinylMaster; When you Vector the Shape, be sure and tick the Boxes as shown Circled in Red. This will leave your new Vector Shape sitting squarely on top of your Bitmap Flower image. " Menu> Order> To Back " will leave you in with something similar to Figure A. Grab The Circle/ Ellipse Tool and create a Circle Directly over the center of your Flower. ( shown here in Yellow ) Select (click on) toy Raster (bitmap) Original Flower Line Drawing and Delete. This will leave you something like Figure B, here with Leaves Colored Yellow. You can then send to your Plotter and Cut each Color Separately. Pro Tip: If you would rather not Stack the 2 Layers (Single Layer Application), Trim the one layer against the other (or Punch with a Duplicate) and add a Welded Stroke for Overlap.
  6. After creating your Text with the Text Tool, Select the Object Pointer (A). Click the Lock (C) to unlock the Proportional Ratio and either insert your Size requirements in the Height / Width boxes (B) or Grab & Drag the Text Object itself. Setting these 2 Sizes should yield the correct Size at your Cutter providing it is set up Properly. The Read-outs in the D boxes are for the Typographical size of the Font set by the Typographer, and the Physical Size, the actual size of the Flush Capitals (T, H, L, etc). Here's a Video that covers most of these Basics.... They have a large collection that includes other Useful Text Videos HERE.
  7. skarekrow

    Cityscape/skyline Cleveland, OH

    Google (images) is your Friend.
  8. In VinylMaster, you can add a Stroke to either Editable Text OR Text that has been Converted to Curves. ( any Object really ) After adding a Stroke with the 'Outline Module' Weld the Text to the Stroke together for added thickness. As far as Selecting just that Line of Text to add the Stroke to; Depends on whether its been Welded to other Objects or is still separate. Worst Case; You may have to Duplicate the Line and Thicken that one and Delete (Replace ) the Original with it.
  9. skarekrow

    What is the name of this font?

    The Text was Colored White then a Black Line (Stroke) added to the Outer edges with the Outline Module in VinylMaster. To Warp the Text is to have the Software allow Grouped Modifications & Adjustments based on internal Node Position algorithms. (Easier to do than Explain.) An easy method to create the Warped Layout shown in your Example would be with the "Distortions" Module in VinylMaster LTR, PRO, or XPT. You can also Manipulate the Text or Objects Manually by moving the Nodes around. You can perform these Operations with other Software as well... What Software are you using?
  10. skarekrow

    What is the name of this font?

    It looks to be Valencia Sans with a Stroke and Warp added.
  11. skarekrow

    Anyone recognize this one?

    Bickham Script Pro Bold is similar as well...
  12. skarekrow

    Anyone know this one?

    Not an exact match but, a similar look & feel; Autumn in November Best of Luck...
  13. skarekrow

    Font Identification please can be helpful for Free and Find My Font is worth its weight in Coin too.
  14. If you able to get the White areas Vectored in Vm its then easy to Select all the White areas and change them to Light Gray ( or another Color of your choice) otherwise, Before running the image through the Vector Engine, Change to White areas to Light Gray ( or another Color of your choice) in a Raster Program like Photoshop. Many Software Programs seem to 'Assume' the Color White is a Background unless told otherwise.
  15. I'd say the chief difference between any mouse and any pen can be summed up by signing your name on the computer with each of them and comparing those 2 samples to your signature written on a piece of paper. I've had a mouse in my hand for 30 years and cannot duplicate some of what I can do with a Pen and Tablet. The Freehand nature and Pressure Sensitivity of the Pen & Tablet are where it really excels. Truly, this comes into play more often in Raster Digital Graphics than Vector.