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  1. dirttrackin280h

    Just cut some THICK MX Decals

    Cool! I was actually sponsored by DirtTricks many many years ago.
  2. Do exactly what 30-284 said. That's all there is to it, it's that easy. No need to weld.
  3. dirttrackin280h

    Anyone know the name of this font?

    Perfect! Thanks so much!
  4. dirttrackin280h

    Anyone know the name of this font?

    Can anyone help me with the name of this font? Thank you
  5. dirttrackin280h

    Project Blackflag

    Your work is my favorite on this forum, Moody. You do outstanding work.
  6. I don't understand why USC won't return your software even if it violates their policy. You were given wrong info by a sales rep, therefore, they should without a doubt accept your return, unless there is more to the story than what you have shared. If it were me, I would be disputing the purchase with my credit card company. In the past, I've had great customer service with USC. It boggles me why they wouldn't help you.
  7. dirttrackin280h

    scal update

    Alohacy, Actually the new SCALP4 version has been giving me a good 1min. lag to open. The older versions were a hit or miss, some days the program would open quick, other days not. But the newest version seems the worse.
  8. dirttrackin280h

    cut out technique

    Here's a quick vid I did for a fellow member a while back showing the process. http://vidmg.photobucket.com/albums/v609/dirttrackin280h/SCALP1_zpsdd6234e6.mp4
  9. dirttrackin280h

    Need help with a #5

    K22 Didoni. A little different. I had to thicken up the # a bit, but it's close.
  10. dirttrackin280h

    Sandblasting wood - Which mask?

    My cousin wants to make a wood sign and wants me to make him a stencil so he could sandblast it. Already tried Oracal 651 and it didn't hold up. I have a cheap MH-871 cutter with 600g of cutting pressure, who can recommend me a good sandblasting mask that will cut with my cutter and hold up to the job? Thanks in advance.
  11. dirttrackin280h

    Van and Trailer I did yesterday

    I think it looks great and is one hell of a lot of work to accomplish in one day, at least for me! My little nit picks - I would have allowed more space between the bullets from the wording on the right side door and the font seems to be too stretched as far as height goes. I would have also used a different font for those on the door - doesn't go with the rest of the vehicle lettering, but all in all great job!
  12. dirttrackin280h

    What is that..?

    Just a guess, maybe it helps the squeegee glide over the vinyl wrap more smoothly?
  13. dirttrackin280h


    In my experience, using 2 layers is fine, anymore than that the design gets thick and heavy as said above.
  14. dirttrackin280h

    Sure Cuts A Lot Pro

    Updated to 3.064 yesterday and it cut horribly. The lines on my designs were not meeting, so I ended up having to restore my PC back to an earlier date. If the version you have now works, keep it!
  15. dirttrackin280h

    Store Front

    Love the font, looks very fitting to the business. I think it looks great. What kind of cutter are you using? The reason I ask is, the cuts for the text look very sloppy/choppy. This is for the text running underneath the headlines.