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  1. I have a photo I would like to make into a vector format single or double color only to apply to a tshirt I want to make myself. I have tried multiple times with multiple different programs. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Thanks all for your input! Greatly appreciated!
  3. Keep in mind also, he already had the sandwich board used and the sign. I had to do the design, cutting, weeding, installing etc.
  4. Ok, so forget the fact its family - what would be a fair price to offer for this job?
  5. LOL, I could definitely benefit from the $10k. New cutters on their way! LOL.
  6. Looking to be fair but still make a little off the job to put towards the purchase of a new cutter... Let me know what you think pricing wise and any comments and/or criticism welcome.. Thank you! work performed. 1 side of a sandwich board (two colors) both sides of a second sandwich board (two colors) (sorry no pics of this one) one sign 4FT X 8FT (two colors with one word in white) one door window approx. 20" x 28" (single color)