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  1. 30 minutes? Wow! Impressive, sir. A a brand new member, I was offended by this felt like you were telling *me* I hadn't read enough or planned properly. I didn't post the original message, but it reflected my experience and concerns to some extent. I've been reading and reading and reading for weeks, eventually ordered a LP-801 package from US C (and I've bought a couple of other used cutters in the meantime...just took the US C unit out of the box yesterday). I unpacked it and set it on a table I'd chosen as a perfect fit (and it was...reading the specs helped). I messed around with it for a while, since there was no manual, and wasn't pleased with the results. I needed to come back here to find more info...found a (this) thread that I thought might have some direct answers. Instead, it seems people are talking down and telling the OP to go fish. (There was a link supplied to a manual for OP's model from somebody, now I know there's a section of the forum with the info...good info). I paid several hundred dollars for this item, the included documentation is woefully underdeveloped and lacking very important information to even be able to set it up and test...let alone actually use. While its clear that the members of this forum have accepted this is normal and ordinary, it's important to remember it's NOT NORMAL BUSINESS for those of us who grew up in the United States and/or have ever worked in a customer service job. I'm an informed consumer who's been reading, knew the documentation wouldn't be "good" or "complete"...but I still expected *something* more than this. I'll hack around the forum and elsewhere to find what I need, because I have to in order to even test the equipment, but I won't like it and don't think it's reasonable to expect customers to have to search out the most basic information about the product. My mother (an accomplished artist who welcomes technology) would not be able to figure this out, a test of reason ability I like to apply. It's not too much for her to understand, the fact the info isn't available without asking other people (and possibly being ridiculed for not learning before buying) would be completely unimaginable. She'd use it, and make plenty of bucks with it...once it was operational. I look forward to learning more from this forum as I go along (already have found lots of useful information)...hope "newby" questions are usually handled with more respect than this post demonstrates. "Why aren't there manuals, and where can I find some...since the included CD is an extremely unprofessional document exclusive of any real information, and the US Cutter website isn't of any help." Seems like a question a customer should never have to say...let alone be expected to inherently understand or accept. Being ridiculed for reaching out seems just about right. Sure wish I hadn't waited a couple of weeks before opening the box, I'd return it simply because they point buyers *here* as an official place to learn even the most mundane information (as well as the important stuff). I've bought a couple of other cutters in the interim, none of this Funkiness...all worked as expected. I understand they have exceptional phone support, thank goodness...I hope to be pleased, should I choose to learn answers to specific questions.