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  1. redfish

    Custom shaped magnets

    Thanks for your input, all good info to consider.
  2. redfish

    Custom shaped magnets

    I was think more on the lines of a Roland Eco-sol printer cutter, just not sure it can handle the magnetic material.
  3. redfish

    Custom shaped magnets

    Wondering if anyone has experience in printing and cutting custom shaped magnets? What equipment do you recomend?
  4. redfish

    Cutter for Large format sublimation

    So a standard vinyl cutter will do it? Do you know if roland has a printer/cutter that handles Sublimation inks and paper?
  5. redfish

    What's your time for water bottles?

    I run mine through a hix oven 390 degrees 4 min, they tend to burn easy as the aluminum is thin and heats quickly.
  6. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I am looking for a cutter to cut mug wraps from large format paper. 44", image size is 9.5" x 4" tiled up on 44" x?? paper. Is there an automated cutter available? We are doing about 500 to 1000 mugs a day and want to save cost by using large format printers rather than the 4 sawgrass printers now being used.
  7. redfish

    Backsaving an EPS file

    Beautiful, I owe you one.
  8. redfish

    Backsaving an EPS file

    Thanks, I was unable to open it with inkscape. My version of that is probably old as well.
  9. redfish

    Backsaving an EPS file

    The board would not let me post the EPS file until I zipped it. Would like to be able to open in Ill CS3
  10. redfish

    Backsaving an EPS file

    Thank you
  11. redfish

    Backsaving an EPS file

    I have an EPS file that was created in a newer version of Illustrator than I own. How can I open it and save it to an older version? Thank You Chris
  12. redfish

    Backlit sign

    Thank you all for your help and Knowledge. My main business id design and fine art repro. But in this economy I will take on anything, the tips and information you provided to a total stranger is greatly appreciated. THANK YOU again.
  13. redfish

    Backlit sign

    Thank you, How did you do that?
  14. redfish

    Backlit sign

    this is the file
  15. redfish

    Backlit sign

    Thanks Wild goose, when I do that the offset adds to both the inside and outside of the outline, am trying to just expand the inside to cover a little of the fill color. I created the outline by copying the text pasting behind and offsetting the path, then I selected both and subtracted from shape. so I have a 1/2 black outline with hollow center. I only want to expand the inside.