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  1. fargo_182

    You can tell I am a Ford Man

    Found On Road Dead?
  2. fargo_182

    Couple questions for doing screen print.

    Just a heads up for anyone outside of the U.S. trying to purchase from Sunie. Not a good experience. Emailed them to see if shipping was ok, told me yes but at a charge obviously. Was not told I had to wire transfer in that email, and not order through their website. So I go to order, tell them I agree to pay pay $80 in shipping for it. Get an email saying my order is not accepted, will be cancelled. I tell them again I'll pay for shipping just send me the invoice. They cancel order 3 days later, and tell me to wire them the money instead, because paypal is not offered for international! ARgghhhhhhhhhhh. DELETE other countries from ordering if this is an issue. Why is it so hard to order shit in Canada seriously... It's not liek you pay the damn duty I do. I ship stuff all the time and its pretty straight forward.
  3. fargo_182

    Couple questions for doing screen print.

    Thanks Dakota. I added to my cart and updated shipping and still said no charge. I'm gonna call them Monday to make sure 100% the price for shipping. I appreciate it.
  4. fargo_182

    Couple questions for doing screen print.

    Perfect thanks guys! I was reading up on it, and was like.... what I need this new tool now. Anyone heard of Romic heat press? Looks pretty basic. They want $275 for it. I was going to get like a HIX but I'll have to pay some pricey shipping to get on into Canada.
  5. I've done a few shirts before, with heat transfer ink on screen print. I've been reading some on water based inks and just had a quick question. For doing water based am I correct in assuming I need a flash dryer, and a heat press to do them? Or will a heat press suffice? I'm just very confused. Thanks!
  6. fargo_182

    Good bye for good.

    I have all but given up myself trying to order from USC. They do not like to return calls for someone even trying to BUY from them. Their total lack of respect for their customers is irritating. It seemed when I called and said I wanted to order, I was bothering them, then directed me to voicemail.Iif your customers are so much trouble you need to pack it in, and do something else. For anyone saying why didn't you use the site, answer is the shipping is absurd for me on there. They are aware of it, and haven't fixed it in over 2 years. I don't get why when people say buy this from signwarehouse, n glantz etc is acceptable, but a freakin forum is not? Do yourselves a favour and stop harassing your best source of advertising WORD OF MOUTH. It's free!!! Or you are going to continue losing all your best and talented members who keep people like me coming back here to learn, and buying from you. Focus on your business ethics, and getting your ordering site, customer service, sales, and repair times up to par. The forum takes care mostly of itself with the aid of your voluntary mods. Stop pissing them off.
  7. fargo_182

    Help defining the type of t-shirt?

    Thanks guys. I know my questions were kinda weird. I appreciate it!
  8. I am trying to find out what kind of t-shirts these would be. Volcom, quiksilver, etc. are selling these new shirts and I need help knowing what kind they may be. My Volcom ones are labelled as organic, the quik silver ones nothing. They are 100% cotton just like their old stock. But! they are so light, and almost have a sheen to them. They are a little stretchy as well? They fit nicer then their old styles. I really love them, but I don't know how to find them. When I think of gildan shirts, which I have a few old ones... they don't fit quite right, and the cotton is quite thick. When I think of hanes, I think of how thin undershirts are. Where would I find quality organic tees?
  9. fargo_182

    Are you a thread killer?

    I'm the thread killer.
  10. fargo_182


    thanks extreme!
  11. fargo_182

    eBay scum of the earth

    The old, someones stealing my stolen artwork gig eh? Let's file this under KARMA, shall we.
  12. fargo_182

    Health Insurance, Any Good Ones?

    All the family doctors are like that here. The more patients they see the more money they make from OHIP. So each person gets about 5 min with their family doctor, and is rushed out. I have no trust in modern day doctors, due to what I've seen in my own family.
  13. fargo_182

    The Flip recorder

    Camera wise. Go with Nikon, Canon, or Olympus. Mega pixels do not matter as much anymore. Most are 7 or higher. Any of these brands with a wicked image you can get under $200 Olympus has the waterproof ones which work awesome. They take video too. We used ours in Cuba to take pictures of fish and coral.
  14. fargo_182

    Health Insurance, Any Good Ones?

    Yeah it's kind of ridiculous these days that everything has to be covered by insurance. It should be that you pay a certain amount for any kind of insurance. Car Insurance is such a rip off, especially for anyone under 25. I payed 400 a month here when I started driving, and that amount for 3 yrs straight. With the doctors making millions of dollars, no wonder all our doctors move down there! I think the majority of ours are capped at around 100k, but don't quote me on that. There are drawbacks to both types. I just feel fortunate I don't have to worry about it. Dental and Eye care is not covered under ours though. Sorry to hijack Good Luck with your search guest.