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  1. .:eMETAL:.

    SC. long straight cuts

    I've had luck using Sure Cuts a lot software and getting long straight lines, with the SC speed set at 100mm/S at 100g pressure. Good to make sure that your clamping pressure on the feeder is sufficient as well. With mentioned, I was successful in cutting a design with 3 quarter inch pinstripes coming off of it at both sides for a total overall length of 96". This did take about 30-40 minutes to cut however, so if give yourself time it will do it.
  2. .:eMETAL:.

    Sooper Sign Hanger Clips

    Does anyone have a good source for the sooper hangers? Preferably in 3/4" like in the image below... Is there another name for these and I'm just not finding them? Seems like a lot of places are wholesale companies that I find and I'm not looking to buy 100+ of them; more like 4. Thank you in advance for any guidance!
  3. .:eMETAL:.

    Any assistance is greatly appreciated!

    Thank you again. :cheers:
  4. .:eMETAL:.

    Any assistance is greatly appreciated!

    Tweaked the top of the E (slanted at same angle as the S) and client is stoked!
  5. .:eMETAL:.

    Any assistance is greatly appreciated!

    Damn dude! You rock! Seriously... wow. I was just getting around to vetorizing this tonight and had it all done minus the E and back shadow, and decided to check the forum to see if there were any updates.
  6. .:eMETAL:.

    Any assistance is greatly appreciated!

    Thanks I think it's off to the tracing board as I need to add the word Elite underneath. I should be able to trace and then break it apart, rearrange and then just create the E from the S. Thank you again for everyone's replies.
  7. .:eMETAL:.

    Any assistance is greatly appreciated!

    Well that's definitely weird as I thought I had attached it but realized there is one more step after Bowse... ha! Attached now
  8. .:eMETAL:.

    Any assistance is greatly appreciated!

    I have been through pages (PAGES) of fonts on both 1001fonts and abstractfonts with not a luck. Thinking this may be a bit more custom but thought I'd give yee USCutter pros a good ol go at it! Looking to find out what font Sterling is written in. The customer wants to add another line to their expanding company name. Thank you in advance for any assistance you may be able to provide! .:eMETAL:.
  9. Just had an inquiry to price out a 10x7 foot storefront window. The design will take up most of the window. I will compile the entire design into two cuts totaling 9 feet in length on a 30" roll. Any idea on pricing for this? I want to make sure I am competitive with the local big boys who everyone goes to. This business owner wants me to have the business so I want to treat him right. Thanks for your assistance!
  10. .:eMETAL:.

    Vehicle Magnet & Decals.

    Very clean and nicely done! Just something about straight up cut vinyl and a clean design that screams class and professional. :thumbsup:
  11. .:eMETAL:.

    Vinyl Printing Job

    I don't have print capabilities just a simple plotter. Anyone here able provide this service you speak ?
  12. .:eMETAL:.

    Vinyl Printing Job

    Interesting and good to know. I'm just not about to cut this out in transparent vinyl as its a 16 color logo and I knowitI won't be cost efficient to do it versus printing.
  13. .:eMETAL:.

    Vinyl Printing Job

    I'm just a cutter and yet a printer/cutter. With that said is there anyone here that offers their printing services? I have a client that wants to place a 4'x4' transparent logo on their business storefront. I can email the logo.
  14. .:eMETAL:.


    I'll post pics of final sign if approved to move forward. I've cleaned up the porche so far and will pick up with the rest tomorrow. Thanks again!
  15. .:eMETAL:.


    dude thank you.. this is a HUGE step forward. I know what you mean, this has actually gone from a copyrighted cartoon magnum for me to recreate to him drawing (tracing) this out today. Ultimately this will be a repair shop sign with lettering. 4'x6' large double sided.