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  1. Hey Y'all, So I just stepped up to a Graphtec(Ce6000-60 Plus) from my old SC cutter. I'm still working on dialing it in (Quite the difference is amount of settings!). Anyways, when going to cut this text that I've cut over 2000 times on my SC cutter, the graphtec seems to get choppy when cutting the "O's". I'm using SCAL 4 Pro ( I know its not ideal, but its what I know and all my files are there so I plan on using it for now). Thinking it may be the font and this cutter is just able to translate more detail than the SC, I used a stock circle from SCAL to cut as a comparison. The attached picture has 3 circles, the one on the left is the stock circle shape, the next to are the O's from the font. The circle is a bit less "Choppy" but still not super smooth. The second picture has the Graphtec cut text on top and the SC cut text on the bottom for comparison. Is there something I can do do account for this or correct it? Cutter is set at s15, f12 cutting oracle 651. Thanks for your time and help!
  2. bukuinc

    Tire Decal Material Help!

    Does anybody have any idea what type of material these are made out of? It is supposedly rubbery, and bonds perminently or semi-perminently to the tire. Any help is greatly appreciated! Here's a video showing the install:
  3. bukuinc

    Help ID this fundraiser font

    You nailed it man, Thanks a million!
  4. bukuinc

    Help ID this fundraiser font

    Can somebody please help me ID this font? It's for some decals I'm donating for the funraiser. I know I've seen the font before, but I've been searching and searching and can't seem to find it. Any help is appreciated!
  5. Thanks guys. Do you cut small registration marks so ou can easily align when cutting?
  6. So I havn't seemed to come across an efficient and precise way of doing this. Lets say I have an order of 50 3"X9" decals. I cut them and weed them, then apply my transfer tape. Now I'm left with a 24" wide by whatever length piece with all of my decals on it. How do I cut them out so that they are all even and ready to sell. I may be overly picky, but when I hand someone a stack of them, I want the all to line up perfectly haha. What's a good method for this? Also, what is a good transfer tape for resell decals? I'm using Oracle 651 vinyl and have been using whatever greenstar stuff shipped with my starter kit, but that is about to run out. Thanks in advance for the help!
  7. bukuinc

    My First Layered Cuts

    Thanks everyone! Hopefully I'll get better at actual design and creativity soon so I can really put out some cool stuff!
  8. bukuinc

    My First Layered Cuts

    Thanks! I've done a ton of reading on this forum which definitely helped me pull these off. Loads of great info here!
  9. bukuinc

    My First Layered Cuts

    So I've been a decal cutter/graphic designer for all of about 24 hours now (Just got my cutter) and figured why not try a layered cut. Took a couple attempts on the numbers after realizing its way to hard to see registration marks on the white vinyl so I changed the background to red. Not the most perfect decals in the world, but I was happy to actually get a usable product.
  10. bukuinc

    2 Color Text Help Please!

    Thanks, that's exactly what I was looking for!
  11. I want to do some 2 color text, yet have no idea which is the beast way to go about it. I use inkscape and SCALP. I'm very new to all of this. Resizing the font and placing it ontop of the base color doesn't work as spacing and such is off. How do you guys do it? I wish there was a tool like the "offset" tool in google sketchup. Any help is greatly appreciated!