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  1. rex

    roland gs 24

    that was the trick,thank you very much
  2. rex

    roland gs 24

    Ok,I'm using USB is that what you were meaning by port
  3. rex

    roland gs 24

    I've tried all the plotters, not sure of the port,I'll check that tonight
  4. rex

    roland gs 24

    Yea,the original problem was it just needed a restart after instalation,ive been trying to give the cut studio a fair shake,but I dont like it as well as signblazer
  5. rex

    roland gs 24

    search didnt hel[p,,i used signblazer with my us cutter and got real comfortable with it,,then i got a roland gs 24 which came with cut studio,,,im not to fond of that,, i cant get signblazer to use the gs24, ive picked every plotter option and no luck,,any ideas, or am i stuck with cut studio?
  6. Got it,,what a duffus,,,restart computer after installing new software works wonders,,duh,,,i cant believe how much faster this cuts
  7. well i spoke to soon,cut software and driver is loaded, but i cant send anything to the cutter,,the ok box is grayed out,, looking around in printer and devices it has the cutter using usb port0003, but in the cut studio, its saying port 0001,,,I assume they should be the same,,,gonna be another long day tomorrow
  8. tech support at roland is really great,,it was the driver not taking, tech took over my pc and downloaded all drivers and software, now all is good,,now time to relearn
  9. none yet,,its all downloaded from their site, but you cant get to that part untill the usb is verified,and it wont get beyound that point
  10. still fighting this,,,,,,,seriouslly thinking about boxing it up and sending it back,,, for the money, you would think you would get software,,starting to think i made an expensive mistake
  11. I just got my new gs 24 today, i logged onto the website and followed the instructions for downloading the software and driver,,,I get to the part where your instructed to turn the plotter on and connect it to the pc,, then i do the verify test and get" device not found or status not acquired from device",,when i go to control panel and look at devices and printers,,it shows the gs 24,,under properties, it shows it with a ?,,but says device working properly,,,device manager shows the same, i am using windows 10 and the website said windows 8 driver would work,thinking the driver was the problem i tried to install it on my other laptop with vista, using the vista driver, exact same issue,,i am stumped,,any ideas rex
  12. rex

    plotting off course

    thanks for the reply Wildgoose,i can cut the outline,thats not a problem, i think its a plotter problem,, today the pc wont recognise my usb so both laptops wont work with plotter so its back to windows xp and slow pc with serial connection,,going to order a roland later in the week, thanks again
  13. rex

    plotting off course

    i`m making a stencil for airbrushing,,,so there are no colors,everything was all done in a stroke color red, stroke pt. 1,,,,,,what do i need to do to fix this?,,,i really didnt do anything different, never had this issue before,,,,,there is air conditioning blowing towards the machine,,if that makes any difference? the image is just the outline with the teeth, as thats the only area with the problem, the rest of the image will plot like drawn, just the teeth are screwing up,i have attached the pic that i traced,,i know the trace isnt perfect, but ive made spray masks with worse traces,????
  14. rex

    plotting off course

    i have a us cutter mh871,which i have been happy with, but all of a sudden its plotting undrawn lines, i have it grounded to the stand, using the pen tool or blade makes no difference,im using illy 8, and illy cs6,,,first drew it in cs6, on a windows 10, and on windows xp, it cuts ok untill it gets to the teeth then it cuts lines right through the teeth, so i redrew it with the older version, and it cut the same way,,,also drew up a different skull and it did the same,it seems to only do it on the teeth,,another odd thing is after it started doing this i plotted out a skull i drew a few years ago and it plotted fine,,,im doing a manual trace over an image like ive done before with no problems,,,the image looks fine in outline,but when i send it to signblazer, it cuts crazy, two seperate pcs,,,mh871, two different operating systems, signblazer loaded on both, what am i missing,,i attached the file so someone can plot it to see if its the file or my plotter going out,,any help would be greatly appreciated
  15. rex

    info on signblazer and windows 8

    Mine works with windows 8,,,that being said,I hate windows 8,,getting rid of it and keeping my xp