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  1. Warren

    Vectored tennis racket

    There are hundreds of them on Google... just go to www.google.com, click on images and search "Crossed Tennis Rackets"... you'll see what I mean.
  2. Warren


    Glad to provide you with something you could use. It only took a few minutes (as evidenced by the extra nodes if you open it with Inkscape and go into node edit mode... It was a hurried thing). Just paying back for the help I got here too.
  3. Warren


    Might not be exactly what you're looking for, but...I tried. Hope it helps. Warren head.eps piston.eps head.eps piston.eps
  4. Warren

    Flexi will not load plotter

    Well John you made me check my version of Flexi and sure enough there's Seiki Tech in there.......Not the exact SK-870T but I'm sure one of them drivers should work. Thus, the desire for which one works with the SK-870T.
  5. Warren

    Flexi will not load plotter

    I haven't myself, only because I haven't gotten around to actually using my Flexi yet...but would like to know to avoid the hassle of trial and error while trying to learn the software as well. Just thought there should be a definite answer to the question anyway.
  6. Warren

    Flexi will not load plotter

    So what is the final outcome to the original question? Has anyone figured out which is the right driver to use for the SeikiTech SK-870T cutter when using Flexi? It's not in the list of cutters you can set up within the program. A definitive answer would be greatly appreciated and would help future users(victims?) of the search engine.
  7. I've often questioned the grounding method explained above, since the machine is grounded to the stand by the 4 screws that hold it onto the stand. I believe the correct or more proper way to ground it would be to use a wire connected to the stand (or the bottom of the machine) in which the other end of the wire would connect to an earth ground, such as the screw holding an outlet cover on. This doesn't make much sense either though, since the machine's power plug contains a ground to that (through the electrical plug) already. I've also experienced the static electricity problem you described in your first post. It is caused by the backing paper of the vinyl being rubbed across the faces of the machine during the cutting process and gets worse the faster your machine moves and cuts the vinyl. This issue is more prevailant during the winter, when the humidity in the vicinity of the machine is reduced by central heating. Touching the machine while it's cutting, and causing a small spark between your hand and the machine is a definite indicator that static electricity is the culprit. Memory chips inside the machine are prone to be affected, which throws off the programming on them as well as the commands sent to the cutter by the software. There are a few things that I can recommend to overcome this issue. The first being, slow your cutting speed, so the machine doesn't move the vinyl through the rollers as fast. Static electricity build up and the subsequent discharge will be reduced. Another solution is to use clothes dryer sheets, such as Bounce, by rubbing it on the vinyl to be cut, before you start cutting. There are also antistatic sprays that you can use to spray on the backing paper before you load it into the machine, but they can get messy real quick. The another recommendation might sound weird, but works better than anything else to reduce the buildup of static electricity. Purchase a vaporizer, usually used for sinus congestion relief, and place it near the area of your machine (anywhere in the same room, but not too close as to create water droplets on your vinyl). You can also use a spray bottle of water that creates a very fine mist in the air when sprayed. Spray the area around your machine (up in the air and let the mist disperse over a wide area). Be carefull not to spray it directly at your machine or anything else electric or electronic. Putting a large potted plant, the kind you water weekly, near your cutting area will also increase humidity in the vicinity of your work area and help reduce the issue. Just remember to keep it watered. Once you reduce the dryness in the room, your static electricity issue should be resolved. Your mileage may vary.
  8. Warren

    I Can't Login To scx2.com

    Try using the right url... it's SC-X2.COM with the dash.
  9. Warren

    Free 3M Sample rolls

    Got mine today too...same as JimB's... THANKS!
  10. Warren

    wanna try this for the back window of my truck

    Chiseled in Stone is nice, but I believe the slogan they used was "Like A Rock"...
  11. as the title states...need a graphic of someone or something passing gas, breaking wind or "farting" in general. I know it sounds wierd, but there is a story behind it and I'll share that story once the graphic is chosen. Thanks in Advance, Warren
  12. Warren

    Changing only a part of a jpeg.

    I used paint to modify the text by drawing a black box over the original text and reinserting new text. The font might not be correct, but this was a quick attempt. I changed the filename to avoid overwriting the original. You can right click and save as to get the new file. Hope that's what you needed. Warren
  13. Warren

    Vehicle Profile Request

    I DO have the car, but like I said earlier, I'm not that good (yet). I'm doing a replica of a famous car and need the paint scheme to be done in vinyl. A template would come in REAL handy. I have color pictures of the vehicle I'm replicating, but none of them would be at correct angles...herein lies the problem. I only need the outlines of the colors as there are graphics within the colored parts that I will be changing. Nearest I can come to a template is a small drawing included with a plastic model kit, which I've scanned, but it's of poor quality and has ALOT of extraneous lines (drawn as reference points) on the drawing. Learning Illustrator CS3, Inkscape and a few other graphic programs in the process of coming up with a workable solution has proven interesting though. I've spent 4.5 YEARS building the car, only to run into this stumbling block with the vinyl. Paint isn't an option at this point either, since the car is completely assembled already. Really got myself into a dilema this time. Luckily, it's MY car.
  14. Warren

    Vehicle Profile Request

    New here, and fairly new to vinyl cutting. In need of a vehicle profile (aka template) for a 1979-1983 Datsun 280ZX. Have several software CD's of templates, but that one isn't on any of them. I'm not that good at converting pictures into templates yet. Can you help? BTW, I've already used the search feature. Thanks in Advance, Warren