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  1. That is a good way to do it. Like I said it depends on your market. I wanted to increase my prices a little on Amazon but I am getting so many sales I don't want to mess up what I have. What I lose on the smaller decals (because I offer free shipping on everything) I make up when someone buys say a 10" - 16" inch decal. 20" decals I make out on but my profit is withing the 10" - 16" range. As my 20" some people said were under the price they should be. 20" (any decal) $18.99 Free Shipping. Again it comes back to the market you are trying to sell to. Around town here and yes my friends I charge way more then I do online. Simply because everyone is looking for a deal online. In the home area people are willing to pay more. 1. Because most know you (small town thing) 2. they need something specialty (usually) 3. May only have a few a week (if any) Number 3 is a big one that you have to think about. You may only have a few from your town that need work done at any given time. While online you have millions looking (thousands a day) and ready to buy what they want or like. Like I mentioned people are looking for a deal online. I give them a deal (promotions work well) and get buyers. At this current time I sell any where between 70 - 100 decals a week online. At home maybe 4-5 a week. But are usually larger jobs. So give people the online deals for a steady flow of traffic and sales and do the larger jobs as specialty jobs around town. It slowly builds itself. I started only selling like 2-3 decals a day online. and now 8 - 15 a day. Sometimes more (sales spikes). If I remember correctly my busiest day was 46 orders. Some were return customers and others were new but ordered multiples decals. So that 46 order turned out to be around 73 decals if I remember correctly. That was just one day. Took a while to get there but it all pays my bills and covers supplies and gives me enough to save some for future purchases. OK I prolly went into more then I should have but. The market in your area will set your prices once you figure out what they are, what people are willing to spend, if it a business that NEEDS the work done, or is it a average working joe that WANTS his name on his redneck truck. Either way the prices varies in what people want to pay. You find the median and you found the sweet spot. Cut Weed and pocket the doe. Any of all that make sense?
  2. I use Oracle 651. And my lowest price is $5 for a 6 inch. And from there the price goes up. I have 8 sizes i generally make them in and the price is always close to on the dollar to the inches stated. But it also depends on your market. Some places people may pay almoat double the same decal that soneone would normally pay 5 bucks for. Fairs and such are known for ridiculous pricing. I sell my 6 inch decals at the local fair for around 8 bucks while there are other there that sell for 10. I tend to make more then the other stand and I dont have to ship anything. But online and around town. 1 buck an inch.
  3. Ammastor

    FlexiStarter10 and SC Cutter issues Possibly solved

    Thanks for the link I checked it out and while I was on there spotted some printer cutter combos. Ouch mad expensive. Bet I could do some full car wraps with those. Personally by looking at the Graphtecs and the Rolands. The Graphtec cutters look well built and I like there layout and there LCD screen. Haven't seen any good photos of the Roland to compared but I do like the way they look. Then again I have not really looked either. Either way I got my eye on the CE-6000. Ill look around and see if I cant find one used. But If I manage to save enough to by new by then Ill grab a new one.
  4. Ammastor

    FlexiStarter10 and SC Cutter issues Possibly solved

    I have been saving money from selling these. However I am also using the money to pay bills and all that other good stuff as well. So soon enough Ill get another cutter. is the 1500 for the 24" Graphtecs. Because around 1500 would be ideal.
  5. Thanks for the reply guys. Was just looking to see how others do it. Curious if anyone did it the way I was or if there was a better way. I have almost 100k images at the moment and takes for ever sometimes when im looking for something Funny thing is I never thought about doing a search to find what I was looking for. Been working on a system. Thanks for the input guys.
  6. Ammastor

    FlexiStarter10 and SC Cutter issues Possibly solved

    Ya sounds like you didnt have much of an option at that point. I prolly would have done the same thing. I am currently putting away for the graphtec I wanna get. I was looking at eh Graphtec CE-6000 24". I only use 24" vinyl anyways. and the SC I have is a 34". So Id have more room with the 24" where I have my SC Series. You think the CE-6000 is worth the doe. Or you have another in mind. Dont wanna go over $2k though. But that is the one I was looking into buying. I have heard alot about graphtec and roland. Which would you buy if you had to buy one?
  7. Hey guys. Quick question for everyone. How do you all organize your vectors. I have purchased many vector packs and of course obtained some free ones as well. I sell roughly 70-100 decals weekly. I am in the process of speeding up the fulfillment process. I cut every order to order as I have 104 variations per item on Amazon and only have 250+ decals listed at the moment on Amazon. I need to speed up this process before the holidays and was wondering how everyone organizes there images and vectors for quick access. Alphabetical, numbers, or what not. I know my sku numbers on Amazon. are made to match each variation for each item. Example: A1-RED-12 A for image Red for the Color and 12 for the Size. How would some of you organize these to make them accessible and able to be pulled into flexi or SB in a timely fashion. My ultimate goal is to speed up my process. Which means pick, cut, weed, tape, package, ship. What would you all recommend?
  8. Ammastor

    FlexiStarter10 and SC Cutter issues Possibly solved

    Shipping can get steep. But if its needed then sometimes its worth it. Problem for me would be I dont have the extra funds to do something like that. Would prolly have parts mailed here and try to repair and hope all went well. I really need a backup cutter. Don't have the room for it but I do think it would be a good investment for later on. The what the heck. I get the graphtec. and I would have 3 cutters. The software that the graph techs come with says that it can cut with multiple cutters at the same time unless im reading that wrong. Maybe that woudl worth with the 3 that I would have. cut my time cutting orders. cut 3 colors at once. Really need that second cutter though. Im afraid if something happens ill lose all my business and i would have to start all over again. Not a situation I want to be in.
  9. Ammastor

    FlexiStarter10 and SC Cutter issues Possibly solved

    Ya I agree with you on that one. Could just be the drivers are not stable for the software we are using. Works but doesnt communicate correctly. I am currently saving for a Graphtec so hopefully after x-mas I can purchase that. My worry right now is. I have had this SC for a while now and make almost my full income now off vinyls. I hope it doesnt crap the bed on me during a peak time. Thinking about grabbing another cheap cutter for a back up incase I have problem. I am currently shipping 70 to 100 decals (order) a week from Amazon alone. If it dies im screwed.
  10. I started about 2 years ago. Didnt know what a cutter was. I had a bike that I wanted to redo graphics and paint. Ended up selling the bike for supplies and equipment and now im at the point where vinyl and full time job just dont work. Dropping my employment to go full in the vinyl industry. Been making about 6 times what I make at work and mot of that is Amazon. Need to upgtade my cutter though. But otherwise im diving in. Love this business. Sometimes challenging, fun, and seems to be a good source of income.
  11. Ammastor

    unable to cut

    Have you tried downloading the driver and reinstalling? May just be a driver issue. Mot sure about thoes cutters but I know my uscutter sc series does not show as a printer. Doesnt even show unless I look under device manager.. I would check on drivers. Download and install. Worth a try.
  12. Ammastor

    FlexiStarter10 and SC Cutter issues Possibly solved

    My lines ended up kagged today aswell. Had an order for 12 decals that were all different. Cut and lines were jagged. Put the images in SB and cut like normal. Dont get it. Especcially seing as how flexi costs so much it should be a perfect program.
  13. Ammastor

    Flexi and everyone elses problems

    Think I am going to try that. What exactly did you spray? Vinyl, cutter, both?
  14. Ammastor

    Flexi and everyone elses problems

    Just another update on the issue. Been using the dryer sheets and no problems cutting. I went a few hours without using them on the cutter and they vinyl and the problem started happening again. I re-wiped the cutter down and the vinyl and problem went away. So definitely a static problem. Just an update.