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  1. tysan

    New Work

    just curious what do you use under the wrap for the embossed look? thanks!
  2. tysan

    Looking to get a new cutter

    it is standard now mine has it!! the one thing that makes me laugh is everyone says never any problems with Graphtec so why would the ve "Graphtec"have more problems and need all this support everyone talks about? I ask because everything that comes with cutter is in a Graphtec box..
  3. tysan

    Looking to get a new cutter

    I wont knock sign warehouse because I haven't had a single problem with the cutter and in my opinion its a Graphtec therefore it shouldn't have to many problems... true about the mac compatible but not a problem for me since im a pc guy! it cuts and works just like a Graphtec,because it is a Graphtec!!!! For someone new to the business like myself the money savings are very important! just my two cents....
  4. tysan

    Looking to get a new cutter

    You can get the vinyl express branded graphtec which will run the lxi perfect! I just bought one myself and it's a great machine everything with it is branded graphtec. ....
  5. tysan

    sign warehouse branded graphtec?

    I have a pc Running windows 8
  6. tysan

    sign warehouse branded graphtec?

    Thanks Dakota I think with that software that's all would need! I have a put 630 now with SCAL pro now and also use win pc sign pro,but I think I can do everything on the lxi master plus that I do with them!
  7. I am thinking of buying the sign warehouse branded graphtec cutter withe lxi master plus software and wanted opinions on that vs graphtec with their software? ? Lxi is flexi from what I am told.I would appreciate opinions... thanks
  8. tysan

    vectorize and clean up help?

    Got it thanks guys for the help, i will learn all this in time! I wanna do it righ!
  9. tysan

    vectorize and clean up help?

    Still have not found it! Now im really confused
  10. tysan

    vectorize and clean up help?

    By the way how would i know its copyrighted? I looked on shutterstock and cant find it....
  11. tysan

    vectorize and clean up help?

    Ok thanks it was givin to me by a customer i didnt know it was copyrighted!
  12. I need this vectorized and also the edges seem jaggety when I try.... any help would be great,thanks
  13. tysan

    5 panel camo hats?

    I think sanmar has them
  14. tysan

    need help please!

    Thank you very much ,it a ranch brand!
  15. tysan

    need help please!

    Can someone help me please clean this up?