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    Bolt action rifle

    Nice one! Thanks
  2. eight2ten

    Ideal storage temp for Oracal

    I have a Mitsubishi mr slim 30,000 btu installed in my garage this year. Keeps my garage nice and cool 71degrees in 100 degree days. It's a 19 seer and is quite efficient. Pricy but worth it as it provides heat too
  3. eight2ten

    UN Helmet

    Thanks for the vector share. have been looking for a helmet like that. Thanks again
  4. eight2ten

    UN Helmet

    do you mind sharing the helmet vector? or can someone point me to a helmet? i cant seem to find any.
  5. eight2ten

    Oke Tornado

    Was only a few miles from this monster. It was pretty intense that day, but now the community is working hard to clean up. I had insulation and debris in my yard and i was 5 miles away. That may sound far but the damage zone is over 2 miles wide and 17 miles long. 13,000 homes gone. pictures and video on tv dont do it justice as this area looks like something from a 3rd world country. Justin
  6. Yes and I have. It's only .exe which I'd windows. The firmware for the machine is only for pc. Unless I'm looking wrong.......I checked multipul times too
  7. Just wanted to see how to update this firmware on a Mac. Does anyone have any experience in this area?
  8. eight2ten

    About to buy new CE6000-60

    So after i determin the amount of slack to pre feed off the roll, i then would need to lock the brake so it wont unwind anymore? Do i have the concept down
  9. eight2ten

    About to buy new CE6000-60

    My front roller is straight and true but the rear roller has a wobble in it for those wondering. Im still not sure what the purpose of the brake is on the rollers.
  10. eight2ten

    About to buy new CE6000-60

    Cutter came in today. Set it up myself in less than a hour. No problems at all.......yet. Haha. I have no cutter experience but have an extensive graphic background so should be no problem running the cutter from the computer side. I am running Adobe Illustrator cs6 and the software and plugin from graphtec. Everything installed easy on my Mac mini server. As for the cutter it looks top notch and when the display comes on it has somewhat a cool factor for sure but most important, it's very easy to read and navigate. Once I dial it in this weekend I should be cutting in no time. Hopefully.... Justin
  11. eight2ten

    About to buy new CE6000-60

    Thanks guys! Yeah I'm sure when I get the cutter tomorrow the questions and frustration will set it some. Haha but I'm confident ill figure it out.
  12. eight2ten

    About to buy new CE6000-60

    VinylMill, I just ordered the Graphtec 6000-60 as well. I also live in Oklahoma City..... However I am not currently in the sign business but in making gun holsters. I bought the machine for my decals to give away and for stenciling to customize my holsters. Who knows where this cutter will take my business too. Thank you all for the great comments on this cutter as it has led me to purchase this machine. Some may say it is overkill for my application but would rather buy onece and not look back. Justin Lewis www.eight2ten.com