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  1. mat0089x

    Basic vine with leaves

    Thanks for sharing, its great!
  2. mat0089x

    Test out our new printer 4'x10' banner

    Amazing colors!
  3. mat0089x

    Show us your DIY vinyl holders!

    We didn't make this but re-purposed an old wine rack and it works great to stay somewhat organized.
  4. mat0089x

    Marine boots and gun cross

    Looking for some ideas for Veterans Day thanks for this one!
  5. mat0089x

    MnM Decals ~ Banners

    Just some of the banners we have done over the last year or so.
  6. mat0089x

    Cowboy Church

    Loved all three images, thanks everyone!
  7. mat0089x

    160 free vector

    Awesome find Budsoda, we will definately be doing business with this artist.
  8. Thanks Ammo, great find indeed
  9. mat0089x

    Hello we are new here.

    Thank you all for the well wishes! And the Charger is not a '69 xpaperman it's an '07 with the 3.5L HO, but my wife did have a shot at a late model Cuda once, but decided the kids needed to go to college instead I will have to find better pics than the one attached. Take care all, Marc and Melissa
  10. mat0089x

    Hello we are new here.

    Hello, My wife and I just got started in the vinyl cutting world and this forum is a great resource. We are from the midwest and her company decided to move east and mine has a work slowdown at the moment so we have some extra time to fill and decided to get involved in the vinyl world. Five years ago or so I paid $40.00 at a flea market for four decals for my Dodge Charger and I have gotten so many compliments on the car's looks. I just wanted to customize it and make it my own, but it got a great reaction. So with that in mind we bought a cutter and some vinyl and so far we are having a blast. Thanks for having us, Marc and Melissa T.
  11. mat0089x

    RAM 1500 hood design

    Looks good.