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  1. Thanks for the replies, i tried turning off the auto detect of the vinyl but still same issue, i know it has to be some setting that i must have changed i just dont know which one. Command not sure what "roll 2" setting is?
  2. So lately i've been having this issue, when i cut anything that is smaller than 15" everything works fine, but when i use the large 24" vinyl the very end does not get cut. I've noticed that when i try to cut a box that is say 23" when it gets to the end the blades lifts up and does not cut? Has anyone ever seen this before. I've also noticed that when cutting big items the space at the end does not get cut, or get cut very lightly.
  3. bizzytop

    Signblazer with Graphtech CE600-120

    Thanks again, that worked.
  4. bizzytop

    Signblazer with Graphtech CE600-120

    Sweet, thanks pshawny. let me try that, I bought a new ce6000-120 back in nov. to replace my creation pcut, but it has gotten very little use i think i have used it maybe 3 times simply because the software that came with it sucks. I'll give this a try and hope it works so i can start using it instead of my pcut. thanks again.
  5. Anyone know the settings to get signblazer to work with the graphtec ce6000-120?
  6. bizzytop

    Remove old Vinyl

    Got a call from my daughters school, they want me to redo there trailer. The trailer has some really old vinyl on it, its all cracked and such. So I know i can remove vinyl with my heat gun, but i was wondering if anyone had a good trick of the trade to remove old cracked vinyl.
  7. bizzytop

    Advertising on your vehicles

    This is what i had on my old truck, the wife will not allow me to put anything on my new truck
  8. I've sold thousands of items on ebay in the past. At one time my monthly fees were over $1000 was racking it in, then they went and changed things around and my sales dropped, had an account with them since they started, actually since before they changed there name to ebay. I used to sell computer parts in the beginning then games, then decals and banners. 3 mths ago my account was suspended because my seller rating was not up to par even though i had not sold a single item in 2 or 3 mths. After being with them since the beginning of ebay, they finally pushed me away. Now i only sell on amazon and Etsy and i do very well on both. I will never go back to ebay, not like i could anyways . I'm glad to see that there are still a few folks that make a living off ebay.
  9. bizzytop

    Why I hate selling on Craigslist.

    I've sold many items on craigslist, my secret ask them to email you there phone number. If no phone number no responds. I've had much luck this way. If they are willing to provide you with there number then they must be serious about buying your item. It's worked like a charm for me, but of course i sell to mostly artists and teachers in town.
  10. I've used intuit for years, luckly i have never had to call there customer support, got there swip card reader for my phone works pretty good for me. I have square as well but i have never been able to get it to read any of my cards, maybe i got a bad reader?
  11. Funny i had a similar problem with the xbanner stand myself. I ordered 6 of them and one of them came broke. They were cheap enought that i did not even bother to email uscutter. I figured it was just the cost of buying cheap stuff.
  12. bizzytop

    Screen Printing / Problem

    Yeap I had the same problem at first, also i stand up my screens to dry instead of laying them down.
  13. bizzytop

    Surfing Vectors

    In the middle of the page, there is a link it says "Download free Vector Surfers Clipart (0,9 mb)" that will get you the zip file.
  14. bizzytop


    Thanks for posting.
  15. How much are you asking for you online business?