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  1. jstovson

    School Bus help

    Thank you, I just wanted my bus to cut....
  2. jstovson

    School Bus help

    Please help me. I need help vectorizing my school bus. I can't get the detail. I've been driving bus for 20 years and thought I would like a bag with my bus on it... Thanks in advance! Starla
  3. jstovson

    Please pleas please help me

    Sign Torch, Oh my goodness! Thank you so much! These are wonderful! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Starla
  4. jstovson

    Please pleas please help me

    I am praying that someone can help me. I can not get these two pictures vectorized. I am trying to do this for a friend of mine for Christmas. This is her church that her husband and her helped restore and he husband has since passed away, so the church is really special to her. I want them to put on some actual glass blocks from the church. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much! Starla
  5. jstovson

    Help - I stink at vectorizing!!

    Thanks a million - just what I need! I appreciate it! Starla
  6. jstovson

    Help - I stink at vectorizing!!

    Help - can anyone vectorize this for me? Everytime I try it turns out horrible!!! Thanking you in advance. Starla
  7. Does anyone have any storm clouds with lighting in them? Trying to make a sign for my sons friend who is just starting a DJ service. I would appreciate any help.
  8. Thanks kenimes - I did get it to work finally (no idea how). I will remember that cord for the "next time" lol. Thanks for everyones help - Starla
  9. Ya - I will leave it as it is, lol. I just clicked on another cutter like Jay and it works now. Thanks everyone Starla
  10. No it's not on that list either - it's a refine 721. It worked before I downloaded the update and patch to get rid of the trial mode stuff.
  11. Small problem here - after I downloaded the update and patch, SB won't recognize my cutter, it doesn't even have it in the list. Is their something I can do about it - or do I have to just go back to before?
  12. Thanks that works great Starla
  13. jstovson

    HELP I can only get half my stuff cut ?!@?*!#!*?!

    Think I've got it working. I hope! Thanks for the help. Starla
  14. jstovson

    HELP I can only get half my stuff cut ?!@?*!#!*?!

    It won't work on 4800 - but I'm wondering if their is a "master size permittiter" somewhere on SB??? If I make it small enough it seems to cut? Or maybe this is just making me crazy..........
  15. Dont know what the problem is - the machine worked just fine on the old computer, but won't work with vista and a usb connection!!! I cleaned it off the old computer b4 I made sure it worked on this one. I know not too bright, and can't put it back on because I used up my last 3 transfers trying to figure this out! Been dealing with this for almost 3 mos, and FINALLY got it to cut in signblazer - but only half of the project! I can't get it to work at all in sign cut. I have a refine 721 thats about 2.5 yrs old. I don't use it much but it worked great. I've checked and rechecked the numbers on the machine and signblazer - they're all the same, 9600 baud, 8 vale, usb com4......... Please Help