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  1. mabscotthandyman

    businesses practices/ customer showup

    Yep my rate is $50.00 to $100.00 an hour plus equipment charge if applicable
  2. mabscotthandyman

    Starting Out With Vinyl Cutting

    Also the better the cutter the better resell value my Graphtec would sell for a decent price if I should decide to sell it.
  3. mabscotthandyman

    What would you charge?

    If you are not subscribed to Sign Craft it’s worth the small subscription fee there are tons of information and it includes their pricing guide which in my area is pretty close I personally don’t use a certain pricing standard I go by cost and approx hours to price.
  4. mabscotthandyman

    Cost for vehicle lettering

    Yep I have seen many signs and vehicles cracked and it’s a selling point I use a 10 year premium vinyl
  5. mabscotthandyman

    Vinyl distributors

    Absolutely I haven’t found cheaper or better or faster in most cases. Great service and prices
  6. mabscotthandyman

    White Aluminum signs

    I use tons of diabond great stuff easy to cut and shape.
  7. mabscotthandyman

    Blades that last longer than Clean Cut?

    I cant remember when I changed my blade Orem graphtec blades. Still cuts clean
  8. mabscotthandyman

    How do you all make money?

    I do mostly signs 4ftx8ft or larger, banners, Coro signs and lighted signs I never got into cutting small decals. The signage is only like part time addition to my handyman business also I install for other sign companies so I try not to compete against them.
  9. mabscotthandyman

    Who's selling on Etsy

    I was wrong once BUT I will live with her
  10. mabscotthandyman

    Some work for family brewery

    Looks good except the red on black lettering but that’s up to the customer I suppose
  11. mabscotthandyman

    looking into new stuff

    Graphtec and I like vinyl master pro V4 it’s easily learned with a lot of useful tools and features and a great vectoring tool
  12. mabscotthandyman

    need someone to print decals

  13. mabscotthandyman

    Time to Upgrade Cutter

    I love my Graphtec and vinylmaster pro4.0
  14. Still a great shipping charge for small operators..a lot don’t order enough for the free shipping at one time. Pioneer sign supply has been bought out by grimco and have halted deliveries to or neck of the woods by company trucks now only by freight,ups etc so more of my business will go to our local supplier Mumpower signs in Bristol Va. a short drive from my Southern West Virginia base or they still deliver here. But us cutter still beats almost everyone on vinyl so the slight up charge in delivery is negligible.
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    A few things I have done lately

    A few odds and ends
  16. mabscotthandyman

    A few things I have done lately

  17. mabscotthandyman

    More jobs

    Some more
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    A few more
  19. mabscotthandyman


    A few more
  20. mabscotthandyman

    A few things I have done lately

    A few odds and ends
  21. mabscotthandyman

    1st business sign

    Looks good. I like the pvc post covers better then just 4x4s I use a post kit that has post and rails.
  22. mabscotthandyman

    New Cutter Time

    Yes studio it search’s for upgrades but I don’t have my computer hooked to internet it may would upgrade to pro ?
  23. mabscotthandyman

    New Cutter Time

    Mine had a cd with it but that was 3 years or so ago
  24. mabscotthandyman

    Single tag states

    Well worded Sketter