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  1. mabscotthandyman

    Should I get a heat press?

    I have a Stalhs heattronic 11x15 I bought 5-6 years ago that’s still in the box.....I am probably going to start using it soon to add to the services offered I am probably going to retire because of my knees and ankles are shot so I will offer signs ready to install and possibly decals, license plates and shirts and screen printed and printed services from my vendor. Getting old sucks and I can’t do what I need to do in the contracting business or the sign installation business.
  2. mabscotthandyman

    Storage Ideas Vinyl and accessories

    You don’t want to stack rolls especially 50 yard rolls it will cause flat spots......either stand on end or hang on vinyl rack that you could install high above your cutter or other spot so you don’t loose floor space.
  3. mabscotthandyman

    Multi layer vinyl?

    I always layer on the substrate one at a time using rapid tac that allows you to move to align layers and disperse bubbles easier.
  4. mabscotthandyman

    Need Help with Oracal 651 and RTape

    A quality paper tape medium or high tac according to the size and how detailed your design is. I also squeegee the back of the backing paper...then as Skeeter said remove the backing paper from the cut vinyl. To remove the mask spray rapid tac on the paper take your hand and rub it in when the mask bubbles it is very easy to remove.
  5. mabscotthandyman

    help with pricing

    I have never sold decals and never on line. My sign work is signs, lighted signs and formed letters so not sure about selling decals on line but if I sell a church sign for $7200.00 I know my direct cost indirect cost ( taxes, business license, insurance etc ) aprox labor cost and estimated profits
  6. mabscotthandyman

    help with pricing

    Not to be a smart ass but if you know your time and material cost you already know how much to charge just add your overhead , mark up and your profit margin
  7. mabscotthandyman

    Lighted Box Sign Help

    Unless it’s fairly new it would have shadows even if the old lettering came off clean...which it won’t....just price a new pc. Lexan and translucent vinyl. be sure to make sure no electrical or lighting is included and at a separate cost ( if you can do the lighting or have someone who can ) I have done literally hundreds of these and they aren’t very difficult.
  8. I actually install a lot of signage from flat metal, formed plastic letters, lighted channel letters, back lighted box signs and everything in between my average rate averages between $40.00 to $60 per hour I give bids in advance so the price is included in the price the person gives.
  9. mabscotthandyman

    Decal Storage

    When I first started I saved all my scrap but after tons of small pieces stacked up it all goes in the trash now unless it’s like a foot wide then I will save it. but I don’t sell decals per-say I only do signs, Banners and lighted signage.
  10. mabscotthandyman

    Friendly Reminder

    That’s the reason you keep draws small and do progression draws it gives the Contractor incentive to progress with the project to keep the money flowing. I never pulled off jobs and jump from job to job to get deposits to provide cash flow if the next person in line for the next job didn’t want to wait they could get someone else or wait and I never had a problem with people waiting on me to finish the prior job. But my contracting company never advertised 90 percent was referrals and repeat customers.
  11. mabscotthandyman

    Latest project

    Looks great
  12. mabscotthandyman

    Tow trucks

    Looks Great
  13. mabscotthandyman

    businesses practices/ customer showup

    Yep my rate is $50.00 to $100.00 an hour plus equipment charge if applicable
  14. mabscotthandyman

    Starting Out With Vinyl Cutting

    Also the better the cutter the better resell value my Graphtec would sell for a decent price if I should decide to sell it.
  15. mabscotthandyman

    What would you charge?

    If you are not subscribed to Sign Craft it’s worth the small subscription fee there are tons of information and it includes their pricing guide which in my area is pretty close I personally don’t use a certain pricing standard I go by cost and approx hours to price.