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  1. A few things I have done lately

  2. More jobs

    Some more
  3. Jobs

    A few more
  4. Jobs

    A few more
  5. A few things I have done lately

    A few odds and ends
  6. A few things I have done lately

    A few odds and ends
  7. 1st business sign

    Looks good. I like the pvc post covers better then just 4x4s I use a post kit that has post and rails.
  8. New Cutter Time

    Yes studio it search’s for upgrades but I don’t have my computer hooked to internet it may would upgrade to pro ?
  9. New Cutter Time

    Mine had a cd with it but that was 3 years or so ago
  10. Single tag states

    Well worded Sketter
  11. Doing business with customers

    I always get a deposit up front on any job I have to buy material on on both the handyman business and the sign business. The last pedestal sign I ordered was right at $5000.00 up front
  12. need pricing input please

    The thicker Coroplast is 10 mm
  13. New Business Laptop

    My computer came from Wal-mart refurb windows 7 professional no internet ever
  14. Back Lit signs

    Led lighting is the way to go now. Like Dakotagrafx sad Mumpower is a good supplier also pioneer sign supply...... you can buy basic boxes and add your lighting ...or Hendricks vacuum forming for boxes and back painted faces. lighted signs are the major part of my bussines