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  1. Jeffrey06

    Oracal "lime green" question

    I have the 651 Lime Green and overall it's not close IMO to what your thinking, I've been trying to find a true "Lime Green".
  2. Jeffrey06

    Need help! Logo for a friend

    Thank you very much!
  3. Jeffrey06

    Need help! Logo for a friend

    I've been working on this for 4 hours and I still can't get it. I even tried vector magic and hand drawing it. Any help is appreciated. hulogo-ai1.eps hulogo-ai1.eps
  4. Jeffrey06

    Roll Vinyl Calculator

    Would anybody be interested in a Windows Version of my SignCalculator.exe program? Ive got it setup for user custom pricing for each vinyl type and size, all user adjustable. I'm still working on it, but I might put up a "Light" version of it to play around while I work on the bigger part of it if anyone is interested.
  5. Jeffrey06

    toy hauler vinyl installation

    If you stick to the body of the car, it's a good idea. For windows Oracal 651 is ok.
  6. Jeffrey06

    Campaign Signs

    Shouldn't the candidate or their representative paying for the sign already be aware of your rules and cognizant of this decision? In our state it is illegal to place political campaign signs within the right of way of any State or Federal Hwy. Yet in our area during the primary, the biggest offenders were the candidates for Sheriff. I'm not getting paid by the Candidate really... Contributor to the campaign is paying.
  7. Jeffrey06

    Shipping Vinyl, where to get squegees in large quantity

    I got the signgold cd with my new Graphtec, a lot of nice designs.
  8. Jeffrey06

    Campaign Signs

    Thanks slacker. I'll be printing and adding these to my big signs I made for the guy tonight.
  9. Jeffrey06

    Graphtec Setup- Now questions!

    Ok, I see now. Just line it up by the lines on the plastic front?
  10. Jeffrey06

    A Couple of my First Projects

    I have a trailer to do myself soon. Looks good!
  11. Jeffrey06

    Campaign Signs

    I noticed one had this "POL.AD.PD.BY.XX.XXX". They had it short worded on the signs.
  12. Jeffrey06

    Graphtec Setup- Now questions!

    Any info on this? I'm going to start these tonight for my big coro signs.
  13. Jeffrey06

    Campaign Signs

    I'm making some big 4' x 8' Coro signs for a local campaign. Do I need to put the "Paid for by..." at the bottom of this sign? Anything else I need to be aware of? Thanks
  14. Jeffrey06

    Shipping Vinyl, where to get squegees in large quantity

    Yes I completely understand. I've never stole nothing in my life, wasn't raised that way. Honestly, graphics design, images, etc wasn't that clear to me until I got my plotter. Now I understand (thanks to your and speeddoggy). Now it's time to rack my brain on what to do.. ? Thanks for your ideas and approach to help me understand.
  15. Jeffrey06

    Shipping Vinyl, where to get squegees in large quantity

    Your right. And I'm glad that the attention was brought to me. But speeddoddy won't let it go. I started last night on some new stuff hopefully to find a market. I'm a college student in the real world, the plotter was my hobby and still is. I have quite a few shops on the customer list to make things for, eBay is not my only market. I'm starting to venture to forum advertising. We'll see how that goes.