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  1. Its a Piper Cherokee 140
  2. Yep, I couldn't get a good one.
  3. I need just the plane and single color, i have not had a lot of luck with it. Thanks!
  4. My friend is a big fan! Thanks!
  5. Never mind, here is the PDF
  6. @fig865 Yes, you are right. Unfortunately the one in the cutter really sucks. I have witnessed it first hand, since I bought the adapter I have had no problems at all.
  7. Forko

    cut restart everytime

    Try what i posted here,16689.0.html
  8. I was having a problem with cuts stopping mid way through or not cutting at all. the only way to get it going again was to unplug the cutters USB cable. My computer did not have a serial port so I had 2 options. Buy a card or get an adapter. I ended up getting the adapter since it was the cheapest route. It works flawlessly! The best part is it was only 6 bucks shipped on ebay. I could have got it cheaper if I wanted to order from hong kong. Here is a link to the one i ordered, it was alot cheaper than the others some have recommended. Its almost cheap enough to include with the cutter when purchased Good Luck!
  9. Forko

    Where's my go-to vector guys?

    Do you know how to autotrace using inkscape? If not I think there are some tutorials on the board. I can try to dig them up
  10. Forko

    Oracal 631 not coming off backing...

    I am having the same problem with the 631 I ordered here, it is such a pain to get off the backing! I tried adjusting the blade every which way but have had no luck. I have no problems with any other vinyl. Oracal even send me a sample of their transfer tape and no luck. Weird.......
  11. Forko

    Pricing guide

    Try this
  12. Forko

    Free 3M Sample rolls

  13. Forko

    bar , Drinking beer mugs etc

    No problem, it came out great on a banner