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  1. RBeaubien

    Windows 8 and cutter

    What is the issue you are having?
  2. RBeaubien

    Windows 8 and cutter

    Ditto here. Win8/SCALP works fine. I didn't have to bypass signature either.
  3. RBeaubien


    Thanx, but what does JPSS stand for? 3G Opaque transfers?
  4. RBeaubien


    Please define: Is this referring to the Cobra Ink? I'm thinking of grabbing an epson printer to do some shirts myself. The shirts would either be 100% cotton or 50/50 blend.
  5. RBeaubien

    Tablet anyone?

    Dell XPS 12 Convertable laptop. http://www.dell.com/us/p/xps-12-l221x/pd?~ck=mn&~ck=mn Very powerful, decent battery life (4+ hours). Runs everything you need it to run. I love mine. Gives me a tablet when I need it, but also gives me a powerful laptop when I need it.
  6. RBeaubien

    Video gamers?

    Console gamers are not true gamers... :-) PC Games rule. Currently playing StarCraft II, Battlefield 3, and Eve Online.
  7. RBeaubien

    Why I hate selling on Craigslist.

    Always tell them the first person that shows up with cash wins..... To prevent wasting their time, I do tell them I have x people interested and have said they are going to "show up" and when if I have that information.
  8. RBeaubien

    Computer Question

    Unless you need access to your data in a remote location, I think a cloud solution (sky drive, google drive, dropbox, etc) is the best one for safety. Even a backup service like carbonite is not a bad solution either. I only use the external drive when I'm going someplace that may not have internet.. With all the good, cheap solutions out there, there is no reason to ever lose data to a bad harddrive.
  9. RBeaubien

    Computer Question

    Saving exclusively to an external drive is extremely foolish. That drive fails and you are SOL. Saving to internal harddrive and backing up to external drive or some cloud storage is best solution.
  10. RBeaubien

    Windows 8

    Yes, SCALPro works just fine on Windows 8. I have not had any issues to date and I have been running Win8 on all my computers since its release.
  11. RBeaubien

    Clear transfer tape??

    Yes, please enlighten us noobies! :-)
  12. RBeaubien

    mud gards atl braves ?

    I would think you can cut ANYTHING as long as it is for yourself (i.e. you can't sell or even give them away). Now there would be limits where you could use them, but personal use would fall under being a FAN.
  13. RBeaubien

    what do you Listen to while working?

    I listen to my favorite Pandora station defined with: Coldplay Kutless Goo Goo Dolls Pearl Jam Breaking Benjamin Vertical Horizon Red Lifehouse A good variety.
  14. To answer your question, the TC and the SC use the same pinch rollers. I called USCutter and confirmed that.
  15. RBeaubien

    SCALP and Laser Point Question

    I have to disagree here. He is trying to calibrate the laser, not do contour cutting. The calibration sequence is NOT working. That is a hardware issue. If they provide the hardware that includes a laser and a sequence to calibrate it, they should support that. If the hardware works correctly, he can do the contour cutting WITHOUT their support. IE. Q: What is supposed to happen when you turn on the laser? A: Laser should turn on and move to the Origination point . Q: What do I do when I turn on the laser and it DOESN'T move to the Origination point? A: <Support from USCutter goes here>