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  1. Signs and Designs

    Happy Holidays

    Happy Holidays everyone!
  2. Signs and Designs

    Happy New Year

    Happy New Years to all
  3. Signs and Designs

    Vinylmaster XPT V4.0

    When you go to download must you uninstall first or does this just upgrade your current build. What is in the extra's?
  4. Signs and Designs


    Happy Thanksgiving to all
  5. Signs and Designs

    Text in a circle

    Thank you skarekrow it worked like a charm.
  6. Signs and Designs

    Text in a circle

    does any one know how you can get text in the circle, I would think there has to be a way to do in vinylmaster pro. Thanks Bob
  7. Signs and Designs

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year...
  8. Signs and Designs

    LED lights on cutter

    Has anyone tried to put the led lights on a new ce6000 Graphtec, they don't have as big of hood to put the lights in ?
  9. Signs and Designs

    Sawgrass printer goes off line

    Had the same issue call sawgrass and have them check it out, very good tech support. They sent me a new printer.
  10. Signs and Designs


    make the size border you need, then draw the size rectangle you need within the border and weld. type the words you need in the box, change the words to the same color as the box and border then punch out. You now have a one color sign...
  11. Signs and Designs

    Graph tec ce6000-60

    I have the Graphtec ce6000-60 and VM Pro and they do work very well together you will not be sorry.
  12. Signs and Designs

    Address sign

    anyone know of any wholesalers on this style address plaque ?
  13. Signs and Designs

    Opening Files

    This time I got it by (lets see if I remember the steps) right click image, object or graphic properties, combine. and it worked. Hope this works on all the old files!
  14. Signs and Designs

    Opening Files

    I am trying to bring in older VM files to ver. 4 xpt . It comes in fine but everything is black if I click on wireframe everything is there what is an easy fix then redoing the files?
  15. Signs and Designs

    Let's re-introduce this slice&dice fellow

    nice to see you back