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  1. Thanks slice. I'm not sure why I couldn't find that in the search function of the forum! I'm sure it was operator error:)
  2. Does any one know if SB works with this cutter and if so what the settings would be in cutter setup. This model is not listed in the drop down. Thanks for your help Happy cutting, Randal
  3. Cozy

    weed camo

    Or possibly Silhouettes of ducks and fish or such. Thanks so much! Randal
  4. Cozy

    Oracal - Testing under High Heat

    Thanks for the testing....just more ways to make money with vinyl! ;D
  5. Cozy

    Oracle Freebies

    Thanks for the link!
  6. I know the obvious... Make money from signage! But how about other ways? (i.e. we make coasters from 4X4 tile, do one and three letter monograms on select glass ware and put dog names on canisters for dog treats) We have a store front and do selective shows that carry these type items. So please throw them out here and see if we exchange some ideas!
  7. A few years ago I did pretty much what you are talking about! I took the 4x4 and measured where the sign would be. Cut a grove using a table saw starting from the top of pole to the bottom of where the metal sign would rest. Do this to both poles. Cement in the poles...measure....measure...measure! When concrete sets....slide in sign ( measured) I then used 4x4 to complete the top and bottom of the the sign...cut grove same as sides. Screw in the top and bottom to the side post...Maybe add two of those wooden fence post toppers (I did...looked finished). Really took less time than writing this Just draw it out and it will all come togather.
  8. We are selling 4"x4" coasters (Tile) that we buy from Lowes at a cost of .28. Using a vine font for there 1 letter initial (about 3"x3") and using black Orcal 651. After we apply the vinyl we spray with clearcoat (not sure of the brand, but it is non-yellowing from Lowes) just to make sure all is sealed. We also add the small felt disk to the 4 corners on the bottom to stop scratching (Lowes). All said and done...about $1.65 including the white box we put them in(web find). Takes about 20 min. to complete set of 4. Sale price: $20.00! We do sell these in the wifes retail shop...Initialize It! With about 10 or so sales a week so far! Our base is embroidery with engraving outsourced. Now we are using the Pcut for items such as this...and having a ball! We also vinyl flower vases....cookie jars....picture frames...etc. Please post any great ideas ya'll have .... maybe we can spead the wealth! (yea!!!...thank you that money!)(That was for all the Rickey Bobby NASCAR fans:) In closing ....Thanks! To everyone on the forum for your great questions and answers! You all make this vinyl cutting business a pleasure! ;D P.S.: this was not an ad for Lowes! But I did sleep in a Hobby Lobby Last nite!
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    Hello from Annapolis, Maryland

    Welcome from Cajun country!
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    Hello from Virginia

    Welcome from Cajun country!
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    Hello from Indiana

    Welcome from Cajun country!
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    Hello from New York!

    Welcome from Cajun country!
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    G'day from Ohio

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    Hello from New Jersey

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    Hello from Tennessee

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