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  1. Single tag states

    she googled it and copy and pasted it lol
  2. magnum force 2 cutter

    Your best bet would probably contacting Signlab or SCM
  3. Cutting Issues

    does the blade spin freely in blade holder?
  4. I hear powering off your vinyl cutter after each job may help as the budget/hobby cutters have very limited memory.
  5. Font help

    you should invest in find my font findmyfont.com
  6. Well I would assume he is probably looking for ideas for things that he can do with a vinyl cutter and heat press, can't do pens with a vinyl cutter or heat press....
  7. Cross with praying hands and rosary

    yes he is right, not even close to what he asked for
  8. Signblazer. Crashing

    what exactly are you doing in Signblazer when it crashes on you?
  9. what tape top use for doing layers?

    When layering, clear tape makes it a lot easier if you ask me!
  10. dingbat fonts

    Yes you are correct, that is a much easier way to do it. I tried to copy and paste and it didn't work for me the first time I tried, but I just tried it again and it worked...
  11. dingbat fonts

    In Signblazer, type this: (alt)+0207 while holding down the alt key, type +0207 What you do is open Character Map then click on the desired symbol at the bottom it shows the "keystroke" for that particular symbol
  12. New Inkjet Printer....

    JPSS Sofstretch
  13. where to find

    You can cover plain white ones in glitter vinyl
  14. Finger nail art

    What vinyl cutter do you have? if you have one of the "budget" cutters you most likely won't be able to cut that small successfully. But generally, when cutting very small you want to cut very slow, pressure you shouldn't have to adjust at all.