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  1. The Fighting Fours

    yeah I guess so....
  2. The Fighting Fours

    looks custom to me, notice how the two letter i's and the two letter F's are different??
  3. SB often locks up when I hit "cut"

    The link is no longer active!
  4. Before & After Of Recent Work

    I like the "before" better, JK! LOL
  5. I think my cutter is broke

    Well, there is a sensor that detects when the lever is up or down, you would need to remove the plastic cover nearest the control panel side of the machine to get to it. This may or may not be the culprit. Make sure the white connector is plugged in to the sensor. I suppose the sensor could fail but I don't think it would be unlikely since there are no moving parts on the sensor itself. Also, I suppose you could try a factory reset by holding the arrow up button while turning on the cutter. Another thing, were you trying to cut too small of a piece of vinyl? The vinyl has to cover the rear sensor of the cutter or it won't allow the cutter to proceed. Something else you might try is turning off the sensors in the cutter setup menu.
  6. Help with graphic to be digitized

    Well if you are wanting it single color instead of full color, try this. I also added the text you requested... warriors_alex_decal.EPS
  7. Anybody recognize this one...

    Did you adjust the selection tolerance slider? try adjusting it to a little bit past the 3rd line on the slider and select the capital letter "N"
  8. Special Made

    Open the image in Inkscape (free software) Select "Path" When Trace Bitmap window pops up, leave everything as the default settings, leave on "Brightness cutoff" but change threshold to around 25 or so. Also, select "Invert Image" then click on "update". Then remove the text with node editing.
  9. Need help to identify two fonts

    Alex Brush Alfa Slab One

  11. Graphtec ce-5000 help

    or it could just be Gremlins lol
  12. Weeding suggestions

    How much are you charging for them.
  13. Does anyone recognize the font for Semper Fi please?

    Razephu is closer if you modify the "S" and "Y" slightly
  14. Gremlins stole my fonts

    re-install SignBlazer?
  15. Does anyone recognize this font?

    yeah probably custom