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  1. & the $40 was your labor & the cost of the material :huh: . I still advise you to do more to settle this than you offerd in the thread that was deleted .IT is GOOD business ...

  2. Is the $40 & remaking 3 T-Shirts worth the negativity you have gotten ( not to a mature business person ) ? The customer is not alone in thinking this should have been handled differently . This was a VERY simple & cheap situation to correct . Make 3 more Shirts & send them . No need to squabble about details like you did & are doing when the T-Shirts were defective .

  3. Imprinting = Sceenprintr ( Paul ) :huh:

    I did not assume you were wrong , but It was very plain to see the drawstring was completely missing on the T-Shirts . The proportiuoned issue did not have much if any impact . The customer did seem to be fair in asking for them to be redone with the missing parts, a future discount or a partial refund . the response from Screenpr did not seem fair IMO .

  4. Rodger, if things are to be made right, then the other person needs to pay me $40 for additional screens he dupped me on.

    You really need to look at both sides before assuming I was wrong. I'm also willing to redo his t-shirts if he sends the originals back un-worn. I'll pay for shipping too.

  5. Ladies and Gentlemen, I need a quote from 1,000 to 5,000 oval and/or Rectangle Stickers. Multiple colors. Please increment from 1,000. I.E. 1,000, 2,000, 3,000, 4,000 and 5,000 price quote. Multiple colors, Outdoors as I said Bumper stickers. UV and whatever protection that bumper stickers need. Please don't respond if you're going to tell me to try XYZ company. Also don't reply if you can't give me everything we need for bumper stickers. The ovals will be around 3 x 6 inches. Please provide a comparable rectangle size and quote, but we'll probably only choose one or the other. These will be shipped to NJ. For shipping prices, you can use my zipcode for now: 08755. FYI, my customer already received a quote for .50 cents per sticker from an online company. If you're close, but slightly higher that's okay. I can always talk them into your price. If you can make them for less, we'd prefer that. Once you reply I'll send a PDF. Also, can you send me one of your previous stickers as a sample. Thanks, Paul 732-773-1339 P.S. if you decide to call, PLEASE DON'T CALL BEFORE 10:30 AM EST. or BETWEEN 4 & 5 PM EST.
  6. screenprintr

    Need some hats done

    Ozzy, If you email me the artwork, and pick some hats I'll quote you a price. Please email too, Paul
  7. screenprintr

    Problem with Workforce 1100

    Does your WF 1100 have a CISS reset switch on it? If it does, and you press the Ink button, it should rest on the ink color that's out. Then press and release the Reset botton for 7 seconds. Press the ink button again. If there's no more ink out, then press the reset once more time. If there is, it should stop again. Press the reset, then press the Ink button. Hope that helps.
  8. screenprintr

    Bread and Butter

    B & B, how about Banners, and Yard Signs?
  9. screenprintr

    Need 200 static lings done

    What size Static Cling are you looking for? How thick, for car or business window?
  10. screenprintr

    Dislike Epson Workforce 1100

    The CISS' are very easy to setup. You do however need to print to them often. If you can figure how to post and move around this site, you can install a CISS. I just bought 500 ml's replacement ink for under $50.
  11. screenprintr

    Problem with Workforce 1100

    Mpar, Are you confusing a Head Cleaning with, The ink running Out? Do you have any warning lights on? Is the Ink light on? This is a solution you can get that's basically a cleaner that you use a syringe to Pull then Push the ink through the heads or cap station. Check Conde's website they have some great videos. Once I had to do about 5 head cleanings before it came clear. Only had to do that once. Are you using Pigment Ink? If so, you have to print every couple of days or it dries up.
  12. screenprintr

    Help with an ink question

    Pigment faded too, just not as fast. Have a good Heat Press?
  13. screenprintr

    WF 1100

    I have a couple too. They work great with pigment ink
  14. screenprintr

    Where to start on tshirt? help pls..

    You said you have a heat press, but do you have a cutter? If not many of the members can cut them for you.