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  1. Alien

    dye rotor hopper skin for paintball

    For a new pattern like you are wanting I take 1/8 inch grid scientific graph paper and tape it to the item and trim and trace. When you take it off you have the exact layout with reference lines.
  2. Alien

    Another gift idea

    My first impression would have to be answered in the Mature section.
  3. Alien

    Where to get marking pencils?

    I just bought two boxes. Signwarehouse had the best deal i could find on stabillo pencils. I hate those peel type grease pencils for marking vinyl.
  4. When I change blades or remove it for cleaning the holder bearing i set my blade sticking out of the holder before i put it back in my machine. I get back up and running sooner this way. Put the blade in the holder so that it just barely sticks out. Take a piece of scrap viny and hold the holder in your hand vertical and drag it across the vinyl while putting downward pressure on the holder. If it does not cut all the way through i adjust the blade out. If it cuts through the backing i back off on the blade projecting out. Once u get used to holding the holder totally vertical it is easy to get the blade close before putting it in your machine and having to send a cut file several times to get it set.
  5. Alien

    Decal Request - Safe?

    The percent mark is too large. It shifts focus away from the word Army. The Army is the point of the statement, not the percentage. Unless i am mis-reading the intent of the decal.
  6. Thanks for all the dart graphics.
  7. Alien

    First 2 color decal...what happened?

    Make a new sheet larger than the graphics and put both graphics on the new sheet.You need both graphics inside the same file to get the sizing right. THEN copy and paste to a new file to cut them seperately. The appendages of the b and y are throwing off your numbers. Measure from the top of the u to the bottom of the m with the ruler and you will see what i mean.
  8. Alien

    Lime Green Transfer

    FYI the Flour Pink does not look all that bright on the color chart either. However I can tell you that it is BRIGHT. I laid a finished shirt on the back of the couch and had to go back and turn it over. It is LOUD.
  9. Alien

    Cutter peeling up vinyl while cutting

    When mine starts doing the peeling thing I take the blade holder apart and get the small debris out of the bearing. You need a magnifing glass to see the fine debris but it will stop the blade from turning correctly. I washed it out with WD 40 and then cleaned the holder with 91 percent ISO alcohol. I do so much fine detail that i only use 60 degree blades in mine.
  10. Alien

    Chiropractor Sign

    The way i figure it... my job is to give them what they want if long as they are paying for it!$$$$
  11. Alien

    LIghted Work Table

    I built mine from two recycled church doors. I got a double pane window replacement that someone ordered and did not pick up. Got it cheap. I put two 4' x 4 tube t8 light fixtures from lowes underneath one end. Table is 36" x 14'. The best price on a 14 foot cutting mat for it was GWJ in California.
  12. Alien

    What Kind of Vinyl for Wall Decals ?

    Oracal 631 and use the app tape made for it!
  13. Alien

    Its my birthday, crap i feel old..

    But still beats the dirt nap.....IMHO
  14. Alien

    Hello from California

    Welcome from West Tennessee