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  1. FabricatorX

    Business Websites

    Thats a great list! Good find sir!
  2. Absolutely. On the same note, network as much as possible with new companies, as they will gladly provide leads for you in return for the same courtesy. COC is very reliable. Also, you can even check with your local online corp. commission business listings to target your ideal business market.
  3. FabricatorX

    Need some input on pricing please

    Was I not asking a legitimate question? I am still a vinyl noob, but not an amateur to business either. I would absolutely love to provide an in depth answer to his question, I just need more information. Now I do not need any sarcastic remarks thanks you and have a wonderful day.
  4. FabricatorX


    Well, pretty difficult to answer a vague question with limited supplied information. "Loaded question" means there are more variables than constants, so it becomes difficult to provide a sufficient answer.
  5. FabricatorX

    Need some input on pricing please

    /// And WHAT does that mean, exactly? 28x4 6.45 ea $0.0576/sq inch 18x4 5:45 ea $0.0757/sq inch 18x3 5:45 ea $0.1009/sq inch
  6. FabricatorX

    Need some input on pricing please

    What is your question?
  7. FabricatorX


    Definitely a loaded question. I would charge $990,482 What, you guys don't use diamond studded vinyl? pfft, rookies.
  8. FabricatorX

    running with a laptop

    This is my main issue now, Im using a laptop and I cant for the life of me get the computer to talk to my ct630
  9. Drivers were installed, I can see the cable in my device manager, and I can select ports 1-infinity or whatever. The issue is in production manager... It wont let me select any ports! in the scroll down menu, it is blank! Oh, and it is an old ct630, with a parallel only port. The cable I have is a parallel with a p-to-s adapter. I have the s-to-usb cable after that. I couldn't find a parallel to usb adapter locally, so i went with this setup.
  10. So...Here's the diddy. I have searched and read for hours, but not sure what my actual problem is. PCut CT630 with parallel plug. Parallel to Serial adapter. Serial to USB cable. Flexisign 8.* I am also using a laptop with XP, all updates. This means that I have no serial plug on my computer, so I went to radioshack and bought their serial-to-usb cable with driver, which is installed. Basically, I don't know how to set this thing up. My plotter was used, therefore had no literature. Where I am stuck at, is when I try to set up my plotter through production manager, it won't let me pick a COM port address, and the list only gives me options through the microsoft network. Do I need to install some sort of proxy serial drivers and have the usb-to-serial operate through that? My instructions for the usb-to-serial cable says this at the end: "Change the COM PORT at the bottom left of the screen (referring to the advanced port settings in device manager) to the one assigned for this cable." And as for the FTDI thing... I download the file from USCutter's website, but there is not installer for it. And as a matter of fact, where do I find out what FTDI is an acronym for? What IS IT exactly? Aye yay yay.... :-
  11. My brother just started a sign company here, called it "Attack!"
  12. FabricatorX

    From Arizona, new to the biz!

    So I spent all day saturday removing the latest and greatest Trojan from my laptop, but tonight looks like the night! Yayzzzz
  13. FabricatorX

    From Arizona, new to the biz!

    Thanks alot guys! Still haven't found the time to get it plugged in and running, but saturday morning is her launch date!
  14. FabricatorX

    From Arizona, new to the biz!

    Picked up a starter plotter, a PCUT ct630. A already have flexisign (used it for plasma cutting software!) and I haven't even plugged the thing in yet! Honestly, I hope it works! I want to use it until we can pick up a better unit for production cutting down the road. I look forward to speaking with alot of you guys here! Oh, I am a race car fabricator here in AZ, and build lots of performance parts! wink wink wink! Jimmy