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  1. Hi all, As the title, is there a keyboard shortcut for weed boxes? Dave
  2. terranomade

    Windscreen curve

    Hi all, Just wondering if anyone has any tips for making up wording thats to be applied to a curved windscreen? Im trying to sort it so its easy to apply as I would apply each letter on a line as these are for ebay peeps... Any advice much appreciated... Dave
  3. terranomade

    Small vinyl lettering job.... Pref California based

    PM sent many thanks!!!!
  4. Hi all... I'm based in the UK and have a customer in Cali and thanks to our post being crap they have lost the order... It's for two stickers saying ONE LIFE LIVE IT. I can send the eps... I'm after somebody that could cut and send out via a signed for option... Can anyone help.. Many thanks for taking the time to read this if you have got this far!!! Dave
  5. Solved.. The vinyl master software wasnt set to hpgl..... Doh!
  6. Many thanks for that, yes we are running the new drivers...after a reset its sorted the cutter controller though cant send something to cut from VM with it open as it throws up a cut error on the machine not bothered really, its just the curves issue thats bugging me....
  7. Hi all, After using a couple of cheap MH cutters for the past 4 years Ive bitten the bullet and gone for a CE6000-60... A couple of things when I try to open the Cutting Plotter Controller I get the following error "No compatible Driver has been found - Code 1104" but if I open up the Graphtec Studio it finds the cutter and communicates fine with it. Any thoughts?? I usually use Vinyl Master - Now Ive got it set up okay with reference to pressure etc the only thing I have noticed is on circles Im getting straight lines in the curve... Any thoughts? The computer its attached too is running Win 10... Thanks in advance.... Dave
  8. terranomade

    Vinyl Mastrr V4?

    Hi all.. Im running a MH721 cheep chinese gig, been great up until I got a desktop instead of running from my laptop, both running win 8.1 installed vm pro and activated on the new comp... Only to find it cuts the file sent to it then goes and starts cutting the last file it cut, or going back over the one it just did. Ive gone through all the settings between the laptop and the desktop and there's nothing different... I reactivated the laptop and its behaving fine, anyone any ideas as Im at my wits end with the amount of vinyl Im wasting at the moment. I have a support ticket open with VM but to say they are about as much use a fire guard of the chocolate variety would be an understatement.... the latest reply from there FB page was Tony is replying to to you hes sent lots of replies... That's strange all of a sudden Im not getting these? So mightily hacked off with them, its a great program but the Support and CS is terrible.... If anyone has any thoughts I would be most grateful!!! Dave
  9. terranomade

    Sort of a sign blazer question...

    The font in question is Trebuchet MS, will have a play around with the speed and depth settings and see how I get on... Thanks for the info though! Dave
  10. terranomade

    Sort of a sign blazer question...

    Hi all, Does anyone have any tips on cutting small text with signblazer, by small I am meaning 10mm in height its going through to a MH-721 if that helps... As currently I am getting very bad cuts or is that just because of the font etc? Cheers Dave