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  1. Yes the cable have power. I try 3 diferent cables and all electric outlet on my office. Im not sure but i think last time i used i forgot to turn it off. I didnot check any fuse , were is it? Thanks for the help.
  2. i went today to start my pcut and got the surprise it does not start up.. any idea? any help please.
  3. DaxFX

    Need designer help

    ?? soryy for my english but what you mean with that ?
  4. DaxFX

    Hello !

    thankx guys. my plotter came just after my first 2 post. ITS ALIVE !!!!
  5. DaxFX

    Need designer help

    dfx-design.com post what you whant and i will make it for free !!
  6. DaxFX

    Hello !

    Hello all. came here to learn how to use my Cutter. I am going to make cag graphics and decals for sale I have my own Sign Shop so I will have use a lot of this maching. any suggestion where to find some good car grafics? and decals ! Dax dfx-design.com Puerto Rico !! Boricua de pura sepa