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    Some work for family brewery

    Dad and uncle's soon to be open brewery is in an old water treatment building. Been making all the vinyl for it over the last few months. Gave me a reason to upgrade from my 16" MC to a 36" SC2. Even reverse weeded to use as stencil to paint the logos onto an old tank he set up in the front. The little water tower is a replica of the town's. That one is about 2" layered, that was fun.
  2. Figured I'd update my solution. I am still messing with it to see the "limits" but the problem was the image I was trying to trace. Must have had some unseen issues making it mess up. I have made bigger cuts of images I know are good. No problem so I am making bigger cuts and testing the max memory.
  3. Thanks for the replies. I figured the complexity of the design had something to do with it as well as the size. I don't want to waste material on numerous attempts of trial and error if I'm wasting my time hoping for the impossible. I would like to know that this machine is capable of lets say a 10" X 24" size cut of just lettering. From my attemts of stuff smaller like 10" X 12" and failing, I wouldn't want to try bigger. That's why I was curious on what people have been able to do with it. I included the one that failed on me last night. So you know my level, I am tracing an image on SCAL of this so I will admit now that I think of it, this paticular one could be the images fault, but it wouldn't explain it happening to other ones. I was trying to cut this at a size of about 8" X 4" roughly. nothing big at all. And I was reseting the maching after every cut and had a dryer sheet on the vinyl too.
  4. So I just purchased a US Cutter MH365 14" cutter. I was aware of the limited 10" rough width of cutting area and was aware that you have to keep the jobs small do to lack of memory. This is not me complaining what so ever. I love the product for an entry level cutter. What I am doing is cutting 5" diameter decals for cars, etc. at this point and it's working perfectly. I was trying to stretch my use and go bigger, assuming I still needed to stay within 8-9" to stay within a small memory to work safely. I have been browsing the forum looking for an answer and didn't see any, so I ask- What kind of size jobs are people getting out of this machine?? Example. I was trying to cut a 8"X6" logo and it started to cut in an oppisite drection half way through and even cut a mirror image at one time too. I am using Sure Cuts for those that may ask. I am seeing a lot of users say to watch the static and don't use the USB (which I currently am still). I am early in this process and just curious to what this cutter is truly capable of so I have something to work towards.