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    751 Vinyl 15 inch

    My experience, the 15 inch 751 that I order comes in its own box - its punched vinyl. Sometimes the box is an oracal one- other times its in a plain brown box.
  2. Ok then-- make black layer, and include the crop marks as black vinyl-- weed and then apply whole thing to white vinyl. - Place in machine then cut the next layer, which would read the crop marks and then cut the squares. verify that your software has this capability-- reading crop marks, and transferring a "bank" of decals to the white will be the hardest parts--i.e. The other solution may be to have them printed ( thermal / eco-solvent) if they are for outdoor. try and install the finished product yourself also - see if end result would be acceptable to your customers.
  3. Would this be for a couple of designs for yourself on your vehicle, or would you wish to offer for sale? If its your own vehicle - you can just layer it on the bumper / window-- easiest. If you want to layer them in your shop, t--o ship out you can try with the parchment paper method -- search forum (by member Wildgoose). If you want to cut and weed a grid of decals - overlay them all on say 24 inch white at once--THEN contour cut 3 x 11--- that will be tricky - Can your cutter and software read "Crop" marks? If you try and guess on the origin for final finish cut - the alignment for the squares wont be precise.
  4. Jburns

    How do you remove vinyl ?

    I have heard good things about using a wall paper steamer---but I haven't had to try myself.
  5. A construction style laser level? - not my original idea -
  6. Jburns

    A-10 Warthog

    Oh man,, I love that plane. Bbraaaapppp!
  7. Jburns

    CNC machine

    I have a Vision 1624 I picked up at auction-- - (smaller 16" x 24") I have only ran some X/Y and Z movement tests Probably going to get the software for it later this year..(1K). My experience thus far is that they make heavy duty machines- and they are based out of Phoenix for support.- but not sure if they make a 4 x 8 machine.
  8. Ok - try 0.01 inch - just a tiny bit and go from there -
  9. I think so in my experience- do you see the option to change it, and what are the units mm or inches?
  10. Jburns

    Hello All.

    Welcome from Colorado!
  11. In your third sentence- you mention other cutters that are cheaper... i think after using the graphtec for so long...a thousand files..you may be displeased with lower tier machines performance. why not the 6000-60?
  12. Jburns

    New from Kentucky

    Welcome!~ I second what Mz Skeeter said.
  13. Jburns

    What are your favorite brands of vinyl and why?

    Oracal 751 and 3M Scotchcal 220 - They are more expensive but weed easily.
  14. Jburns

    Graphtec FC8600 Help

    Oh Cool. I had no idea that could be automated- good job!
  15. Jburns

    Rolling Trimmer/Cutter Suggestions

    my experience -I am pretty happy with the Rototrims I picked up 48, and two 26 inch units second hand - quality seems good.
  16. thanks for the update- I was thinking it was not deleting the job in production manager or something.
  17. Jburns

    Graphtec FC8600 Help

    umm - yeah. You will have to manually jog the material out twelve inches, and then manually run the cross cut option. A guillotine cutter with a 12 inch grid would be much faster. But that is a terrific machine.
  18. Jburns

    Graphtec Ce 6000-60 Cutting fabric?

    Let us know what you learn!
  19. Jburns

    CR630 Value

    Probably 200 bucks? New they are listed for 472.00 http://www.cutterpros.com/creation-cr630-25-inch-vinyl-cutter
  20. Ok So I now have my first Summa. Let me say the quality is terrific. This is an oldie- a Summacut D620. Doing basic shapes everything is really nice. BUT! its not completing the cuts. I think its a COM issue or Cable issue. I have Cutter control open- playing with parameters. Software Flexi- but will try signblazer... The Pictures show the following: 1. Circle not complete- the blade intentionally skips the rest of circle. 2. word TEST- The first T is not complete- it has done this five times in a row. If Anyone has seen this before- let me know how you fixed it. Many Thanks in Advance!
  21. Jburns

    New knife

    I really like my spiderco knife- cant remember the version. Had a work associate in town last year- and took him to their HQ here in Golden Colorado. You can also buy knives in their showroom - lots of specialty memorabilia Military- Police, 9-11, etc,
  22. Jburns

    Eee gads!

    wow man...just wow.
  23. for 8.5 x 11 inch size decals, printed on an inkjet ---- I would try something like papilio paper. but understand that these would not be as strong or permanent as other methods. next, if you want to contour cut them - your software for the cutter would also have to read crop marks, -- its a learning process in itself. for wide format - you have latex, and eco-solvent and others- you can do a search on those terms for threads.
  24. Jburns

    First Attempt at Blasting Glass

    THAT my friend is a clean sandblast job. Looks great.