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  1. Nice! you made your own null cable
  2. Jburns

    Plotter suggestions wanted

    congrats! I like Clean Cut blades - http://www.cleancutblade.com/
  3. Jburns

    Help me weed this?

    This this would be a good approach also---I used this method when doing hobby / RC car items
  4. Jburns

    Vinyl Adhesive removal Problem ?

    Wow good to know
  5. Jburns

    Plotter suggestions wanted

    welcome, I see that the material is 7mil, and reflective can be demanding long term on machines.. I think you are correct to go the servo route. If these are for vehicles, long lengths etc in reflective- the certainly a used (checked) Graphtec FC or other similar Roland Camm-1 would be suited/ made for those jobs.. you want the long cuts to be clean, tracked well and closed.
  6. Jburns

    Logo design feedback

    I vote for the bottom two
  7. Jburns

    Lets talk about On-line Stores.

    I have had success with ecrater stores- limited layouts- but darn near free to use.
  8. Jburns

    Ai and photoshop help please

    Actually, now I see more colors...
  9. Jburns

    Ai and photoshop help please

    Mark, that is actually a very nice trace for first round -- I looked at in CS6 and Omega...I would thermal print spot white and the tan color on clear for smaller decals. But for a large window, layered vinyl onsite would work best, or eco-solvent print. Primal I will run a sample for small ones if you are interested.
  10. Jburns

    need download for sign blazer elements

    for kicks - I downloaded from the link from Slice above, FEB 20, opened up the program and found the redsail cutters in SETUP.
  11. Jburns

    VEVOR nightmare

    Hmm- I thought they were similar MH Head VEVOR Head VEVOR pinch rollers MH Pinch Rollers VEVOR Cutter MH Cutter
  12. Jburns


    Here you go - this would be a first trace of the numbers on the outline. - It could use some node editing. 26 First Trace.svg 26 First Trace.eps 26 First Trace.ai
  13. Jburns


    yes- nice angle-- If I have a chance tonight I can give it a shot-- - unless someone beats me to it. FYI Inkscape ( A free vector software download) would probably give good results, with minimal node cleanup.
  14. Jburns


    someone may be able to but the issue is the angle of the photo- it would be distorted... Also...there is a name of a vinyl and graphics company just above the number?
  15. Jburns

    VEVOR nightmare

    Boy, that really looks like an MH series cutter. You can try and download signblazer, ( links on this site) - and / or see if an MH series driver will run it. maybe someone else can chime in, who has experience.
  16. Jburns

    Hello from Iowa

    Hello and welcome!
  17. Jburns

    Pantone Matching Vinyl

    I have the 2017 pantone coated book- i see that Orange 021C is a base color, but haven't located the color swatch. I also have the Oracal book i will keep looking.
  18. Jburns

    Little $100.00 cnc machine

    VERY nice price- what software do you use to run it?
  19. Jburns

    Vinyl lifting while cutting

    yes-- the roland you mentioned should be able to handle that project with clean results-- also for fine detail you will find Cast vinyl -751-- cuts and weeds much nicer than 651. while dialing in, practice on scrap with a few small square shapes, and Arial bold letters like TEST for offset. Be sure the cutting strip doesn't have gouges in it.
  20. Jburns

    751 Vinyl 15 inch

    My experience, the 15 inch 751 that I order comes in its own box - its punched vinyl. Sometimes the box is an oracal one- other times its in a plain brown box.
  21. Ok then-- make black layer, and include the crop marks as black vinyl-- weed and then apply whole thing to white vinyl. - Place in machine then cut the next layer, which would read the crop marks and then cut the squares. verify that your software has this capability-- reading crop marks, and transferring a "bank" of decals to the white will be the hardest parts--i.e. The other solution may be to have them printed ( thermal / eco-solvent) if they are for outdoor. try and install the finished product yourself also - see if end result would be acceptable to your customers.
  22. Would this be for a couple of designs for yourself on your vehicle, or would you wish to offer for sale? If its your own vehicle - you can just layer it on the bumper / window-- easiest. If you want to layer them in your shop, t--o ship out you can try with the parchment paper method -- search forum (by member Wildgoose). If you want to cut and weed a grid of decals - overlay them all on say 24 inch white at once--THEN contour cut 3 x 11--- that will be tricky - Can your cutter and software read "Crop" marks? If you try and guess on the origin for final finish cut - the alignment for the squares wont be precise.