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  1. Sticker Bomb pattern

    There is stuff on ebay - but quality may not be that great.
  2. Sticker Bomb pattern

    Holy cow man, I googled that and its a lot if vectors and images. I assume you are printing?
  3. Boy, I am really impressed with the prices of 15 inch x 10 yard rolls of 651. I don't work for uscutter LOL But as i load my cart, prices are like 11.85 for basic colors - thats .40cents per foot! Thought I would share if someone would like to stock more colors. - even if you have a 24 inch machine - chances are most decals you cut would fit in the 15 inch roll. I buy this size for my particular cutter/printer- medium term stuff.
  4. link to signblazer free download

    The link is in the third post down - in this thread
  5. used us tech laminator

    ask to see it in action - watch it laminate 12-24 inches of something close to max width while you are there. Look for webbing, etc in the result. Check the rollers carefully for cuts and gouges - both top and bottom.
  6. Graphtec CE6000 Trapping Film

    you mention above the material is 210mils thick - is that really correct? I know guys that cut sandblast use: 1.CB15U blade - you have that - slow speed, sometimes multiple cuts on the same design 2. FC series 3. place two tables on either side of the plotter, so the material can slide on a flat surface- - if it really is 210mils, that can be very heavy for that machine to lift vertically IMO>
  7. Inexpensive Printer for Vinyl

    sounds good - - keep us posted on the results of the contour cuts. I would like to learn more about how that machine works with contour cutting and software workflow. I would suggest running it a few times slowly, without the blade to see if its cutting in the right places before actually cutting
  8. Inexpensive Printer for Vinyl

    welcome! For practice, I would just send a design using your software to a desktop inkjet printer ( indoor - short term use of course) . I would try papilio printable paper. ( I have never tried but intrigued). If you want outdoor longer lasting decals for cars etc, then its more expensive. Choices are Solvent, latex or thermal printers.
  9. do you have to download the driver for that cutter? or is it already supplied by vinlmaster when installed?
  10. Glitter Overlaminate Trouble Shooting

    Hello, Even the highest price cutters cant read crop marks on reflective. your best bet is to place an appropriate size square of application tape over the marks, and use a ruler to trace the marks onto the application tape.
  11. New to forum

    Welcome from Highlands Ranch. Happy to help answer questions on the Gerber Software, I have owned several versions, and use the printers. If you are primarily using for stencils, and vinyl cutting its probably fine.
  12. It may be your Cross Cutter is not fully seated when in the up position. Check these settings Cross Cutter Home Position.pdf Corss Cutter Dog Position.pdf
  13. My son always picks a unique costume.
  14. Hey there, Try this one -- I needed practice with my bezier tool, it may need a node or two adjusted TDS Logo 2.EPS
  15. newest big project

    You aren't joking about a "big" project! Looks cool.