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  1. newest big project

    You aren't joking about a "big" project! Looks cool.
  2. Vinyl Printer/Cutter

    Welcome! I would ask do you want stickers / decals that are outdoor durable? Do you need photo quality images? do you need large format- like decals on vehicles?
  3. Man, I have seen that cutter for sale and I am tempted! I used to own the FC7000-100. But let me know if you decide to pass... I have attached an excerpt from the FC7000 repair manual for you, XY position error- its discontinued and I don't think they repair or make parts for FC7000 any longer. If its a gear or mechanical part, I bet its the same PN as the FC800 and FC8600's. XY Position Error FC7000.pdf
  4. Vinyl that Looks like paint?

    probably a premium vinyl like Oracal 751- its very thin so yes it would "look" like paint bu you can feel it when touched
  5. American Flag Cornhole Boards

    Looks good- I like the "antiqued" style finish.
  6. Hello from Mid-Michigan

    Welcome from Denver!
  7. Go-C Graphics

    Nice! LOL
  8. Go-C Graphics

    Go-C, If you don't already follow, I think you would like the engravers journal- their latest issue looks at displays like yours http://www.engraversjournal.com/3dissue/de2017-09/
  9. New Member and needing guidance

    Also - if you do a lot of painting, then just use the vinyl cutter for paint stencils - you can use Oracal 651 as a stencil material too. edit: never mind- you said you are buying the cutter for stencils.
  10. New Member and needing guidance

    Ok so I can assist with the RC decal questions. You can cut, weed and apply application tape ( least expensive) for vinyl decals. yes they can / will peel off in a crash. Edit: you can try printing on your home based printer, (papillo paper) hand laminating and cutting- but this will not last long in RC and helmet environment. OR If you want to Print designs- then laminate- then cut them - that would be different equipment. I currently do this for small decals using a thermal printer. Printed and laminated decals for RC cars are in the same category as MX and football helmet stuff. Materials and machines are the same as sign shops, (print options are eco-solvent, latex or thermal) with industrial grade vinyl cutters that can cut thick laminates and vinyls together up to 22 MIL. A cold roll laminator would beneeded. Thermal can print on neon vinyls, print chromes, etc. - which is popular in Motocross. You would want the appropriate laminate to handle fuel spills (look at Tuff Cover UV 9) for nitro spills and what is called High Bond vinyl. Plastics are High Energy surfaces, that normal vinyl has a hard time sticking to when flexed.
  11. New Member and needing guidance

    Welcome, I used to do a lot of RC bodies in the past. For the small quantity T shirts, you can use your cutter you already plan to buy, and get a heat press and do Heat Transfer Vinyl. For the RC car stuff, I assume you will be using single color vinyl , right? I HIGHLY recommend a servo cutter and Cast vinyl ( Oracal 751) for the small detail needed for tiny decals.
  12. Does anyone recognize the font for Semper Fi please?

    gotcha- you guys with more experience are pretty good
  13. Does anyone recognize the font for Semper Fi please?

    Carre Noir Std Medium looks like the Simpli Fy font above.
  14. Does anyone recognize the font for Semper Fi please?

    United states should be Clarendon BT Roman, Patinio contexto is close, but will need modification
  15. Need assistance Vectorizing

    i opened it up - its already vectorized, but way too busy for vinyl cutting - looks like chromes, and some dark gray shapes, shading, that have been traced, dark traced shapes next to the "L"s.., With some time - you can delete all the items you don't need and get the look the customers wants. Here is a screenshot. Or I am sure there are members who can clean this up for you.