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  1. This question is for the folks that work with apparel. Would you happen to know what this "Foam" material is used on the logo of this hat? Is the foam sewn on or pressed? It is orange, and the vertical areas are blue. I think its really cool, and would like to use it for local schools. Disclaimer: 1. No, I am not looking for this artwork or vector and 2, I do not plan to reproduce this logo or artwork. Thank you in advance
  2. Jburns

    Dirt bike graphics

    Here is a really good video on how MX graphics are made, put together by Transworld MX, of Split Graphics. Start to finish about 3 minutes. Graphtec flatbed ( some use FC series) Roland, laminator, AI,. Some companies do sell templates, but quality can be hit and miss from what i have heard.
  3. Yep I agree. I ran a PCUT for Years using Signblazer. and used that offset shown above. edit: used that offset - window for adjustment
  4. Jburns

    So I did it

    Cool! the 15 inch x 10 yard oracal vinyl from UScutter is very reasonably priced, even on a per sq. ft. basis. You will like the Graphtec
  5. Jburns

    Dirt Bike Template KTM 250sx

    +1 on the convex- or you can look at substance vinyls. also add a heavy laminate - 12+ mil to finish it off for durability .
  6. Jburns

    Western Belt Buckle

    Hi karl, I emailed you the manual. It will be tricky to get the same radius as teh buckle ribbon. the software seems "klugy" a little hard to work with but I think I have the latest version.
  7. Jburns

    Western Belt Buckle

    Hi Karl, I actually own the same machine. Practice on some blank plastic plates first. 1. Turn on the machine and set the origin. 2. Type you text , and outlines by keycode, and thru F7 or F8 page until it shows Fit text, or something like that. Set your text by height or by width. 3. Set engraving passes speed and pressure to appropriate settings depending on the metal. Most of this is found in the user manual - do you have a copy? I have PDF if you want to send me a PM with your email.
  8. Jburns

    Printable vinyl sticker?

    Hello, So what you read is correct - the aqueos desktop printer ink can smudge. Also it can deteriorate if its paper based. You can try a clear cold application laminate, like Oracal laminates sold at UScutter. - Apply with a cold roll laminator, or other method. I would do some tests yourself, and 10X dishwasher cycles to see how it holds up.
  9. Jburns

    Hello from South Dakota

    Welcome! Tons of information here. To start, search above in search box for Mz Skeeter comments for proper blade depth setting.
  10. Jburns

    Pricing for installing

    You will probably get different answers- ranging from 75-150.00 per hour for new installation only. No removal. If you have removal - charge by the hour I guess. Don't do it for free- plenty can go wrong that may require you re-cutting the decals.
  11. this is interesting. thank you Primal for the link above. I have a tangential cutter that I may test with this material. I wonder if one can place application tape for transfer? You probably wouldnt want a design with too much cut away...
  12. Jburns

    New cutter ????

    Welcome. It should cut florescent fine and mirror (1-mil-2mil thick) reflective just fine.
  13. Jburns

    ce5000 registration failure

    glad you got it working, I know it uses a lot of material. but keep in mind that function is usually for printed vinyl that is 24 inches wide. you can try toggling between Type 2 and Type 1 marks if my memory is correct.
  14. Jburns

    ce5000 registration failure

    hello, and welcome to the forum. Is it reading the first mark? typically for Graphtec Crop marks, you need about three- four plus inches of empty space- outside of all the marks- front back, left and right. And your wheels need to be about that far outside the mark. You may wish to dis-able these sensors ( others on this forum have). Between the wheel sensor limits, and vinyl sensors- that could be giving you trouble.
  15. Jburns

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas!