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  1. MecH

    Help with this font ID pls?

    Ive been through all that I have. Any help appreciated Thanks.
  2. MecH

    Signgo file to AI

    Yeah, flexi is just the cutting software....I use illustrator for all of my design work. Tip for AI..wether you save your file as an AI or EPS...make sure you save it as an `illustrator 8` file. So your cutting software reads it right.
  3. MecH

    Signgo file to AI

    Ive never used cutting master..I use Flexi and it defaults to the size you saved it as in AI. Maybe someone else can chime in for ya.
  4. MecH

    Signgo file to AI

    The text in that file is already converted to outlines. Meaning that it is now an object...not editable text.....Editable text in illustrator will show up as text with a line under it and will not be outlined. Easiest way to understand would be to open that file in your text tool and type out some text close to where the current text is (so you can compare the 2). Now if you select the text you just typed...then select the other will see the difference. Heres a pic to show ya...hope it helps
  5. pm sent...thanx tons brandon.
  6. MecH


    I can do it for ya..but the logo up top needs alot of work done to it first. You really need to find the font and retype the name, and use the custom shapes tool and redraw the star.
  7. Im testing the waters with contour cutting and after tons of research...fightn illy and flexi to the bone...and maybe destroying a keyboard or 2 I was able to get flexi to recognize the contour cut line. BUT.... I`m using an Epson Workforce 1100 printer (prints like a champ btw) it is a wide format 13x19 printer. The goal is to print a 12" ish by 18"ish image on the printable vinyl...then laminate it and finally contour cut it with my Roland GX-24. After getting flexi to let me set the contour settings for the roland, I tried to print it. The size in flexi is set to 12 x 18 ish....the setting on the printer dialog is set to 13x19 but when I print still prints at 8.5x11...clipping the image..or just printing it smaller. I cant find anywhere else where I need to change the printer or paper settings. I can print the size perfectly on it from photoshop or illustrator...but I need flexi for the contour cut marks for the roland (or so i am assuming). I tried to make a cut path in photoshop (as a psd) but flexi never recognized the cut path. Need a little help from the contour cutting gods plz
  8. MecH

    Need some Help

    Yeah, but youre gonna need a bigger/better image to start with.
  9. MecH


    If you can save it as an EPS or AI file Ill take a look at it for ya.
  10. MecH

    need help to vectorize this

    Here ya go mate. Good Luck finallogo(2).eps finallogo(2).eps
  11. MecH

    Design help

    Here ya go. 2 color and cut ready. Just add your reg. marks and sub the colors you want. (i used black and yellow for contrast) This is a pretty simple 2 color layout. Just apply the yellow on top of the black. Good Luck rust_belt.eps rust_belt.eps
  12. MecH

    Need help with this image :)

    That file is not vector. It is just an image saved as an EPS file. You could vectorize it, but its going to lose alot of detail unless you really spend alot of time on it.
  13. MecH

    License plates

    only reason you should have to laminate/clear one is if you print it.
  14. MecH

    Thinking about opening a storefront, any thoughts?

    Its all about what you want We looked at a building with 4 bays in it...price was right, commute would have been a grand total of 2 minutes..both ways lol. But we opted out just because we enjoyed doing it at home and right now just didnt want to spend that extra money per month yet. We decided instead of renting, to roll a 12x32 building in beside the house just for the business (it should be here today or tomorrow ). But again, its to each his own..if thats what you wanna do, make the jump and see what happens. Youll never know how cold the water is, until you put your feet in it . Good Luck either way
  15. MecH

    Arching the whole cutable image

    In illustrator: size your image to ACTUAL size and zoom out.... select the rectangle tool...and click once on the will open a box that lets you select the size you want. (this is just for measuring) in the HEIGHT box put 1 inch (if it is set to pixels you need to go to preferences and set your measurement to inches.) the WIDTH box can be whatever you want it to be...doesnt matter......hit ok Now place the rectangle directly under the object that you want to arc, and align both the object and the rectangles vertical centers. now just select the object...and click object/envelope distort/make with warp in the box that appears...check the PREVIEW the selection box up top, select ARC move the box so you can see both the rectangle and the object selected and then just move the top slider until the bottom of the object lines up with the rectangle. hit ok...then go to object/expand ... hit ok on that box. There ya go