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  1. Thanks everyone you all are great!!!!
  2. Blade won't stay down. Pcut is about 6 months old, no probs until now. When the blade holder drops down to cut the vinyl the blade holder slides up so it can't cut. If i tighten the screw to hold it tight the end of the screw is also tight against the arm and won't let the holder move up or down. Please help. This job is due today.
  3. Ms. Rita

    Day Job

    Hey Buggie Pilot - - "Shaping the world . . . One bucket at a time" As a cutter yourself, I certainly hope you have this on your windshield???
  4. Ms. Rita


    I to have read the entire thread - I don't have a clue what is going on but then is suppose nobody else does either. Maybe tomorrow? I just hope it's all GOOD. I like happy endings!!
  5. Ms. Rita

    Custom design in backpainted glass

    I am really anxious to see more from you on this one!!
  6. Welcome to the Forum Brandon - These folks are awesome!!
  7. Ms. Rita

    Grettings from Caracas Venezuela.

    Welcome Hector!! This is a great place to learn. The people here are awesome.
  8. Ms. Rita

    Greetings and Salutations!

    Hello & welcome Howard - From Evansville, Indiana!!
  9. Ms. Rita

    tattoo shop window

    Goregous work, I love the choices you made in font and . Great job!!
  10. Ms. Rita

    Day Job

    How did I miss this posting? Anyway, I am a Registered Nurse and I manage an Urgent Care Center in southern Indiana. I got interested in stick people and wall words and you know the rest of the story . . I just had to buy my own cutter, Pcut. I just love it. I can spend hours on this board, searching for vectors and cutting. I just got two window lettering orders (yippee) one for an Insurance company and the other for a local Fazoli's restaurant. I have soooooo much to learn and so little time. Everyday I can't wait to get home from work to get online and see what's new with all of you. I don't post much but I am always watching this wild and crazy bunch. You all are awesome. Thanks for all you do to help us newbies.
  11. Ms. Rita

    to all of my friends

    John - Although I don't post very frequently, I do hang out here A LOT. Just reading and learning in the background. If you must go for your health, my prayers are with you. If you must go because you have not (as well as you, Ken) been treated fairly then take us with you, you know how to contact us. You guys have been wonderful and we newbie really feed off your every typed word!!! This has become like a family group, a great place to hang out at night with friends. Can you tell I quickly became addicted? If you feel like you can and still be true to yourself - Please stay . . .
  12. Ms. Rita

    Need a DRW file converted

    A client has sent me a DRW file for an estimate and I can't open it in Sign Blazer. Can someone convert it to an EPS file for me?? I am not able to upload it but could email it to anyone who can help me??? Please???
  13. Hey Hippie - your burning-up icon is hilarious!!
  14. Ms. Rita

    Credit Cards

    Check-out Very nominal start up fee and a pay as you use service. Never had any problems over several years.