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  1. Linda1

    Space evenly in SCALP 3

    I have Scal 4. On the right hand side select the position and size tab. Put a check mark in the "to page" box. Then you can select your item and Align.
  2. Linda1

    Silver Bullet Cutter ?

    I just checked on the silver bullet forum and here is what someone said about balsa. The Silver Bullet can cut Balsa, the maximum thickness would be 2mm and would need the 60plus blade. Here is the link to a discussion about balsa wood.
  3. Linda1

    Sites like My Vinyl Designer?
  4. Linda1

    Holiday Craft Ideas

    I cut the clear transparency the diameter or the ornament. Cut my vinyl design, apply to the transparency then roll up the transparency and slip it into the ornament. It usually unrolls on it own and looks like it it floating.
  5. Linda1

    Holiday Craft Ideas

    Ornaments with the vinyl on a transparency inside seem to be a big hit this year. Not a great picture
  6. Linda1

    Advertising on your vehicles

    I made 3 of these magnetic signs for my husband's business.
  7. Linda1

    How do you organize your vinyl scraps?

    Since I mainly just do crafts, I can use very small pieces. I put each color of small pieces in a clear page protector. Larger pieces are flat in an under the bed plastic container. Sure wish I lived near some of you that throw your scraps out!
  8. Linda1

    How many layers?

    It was brought to my attention that this is a copyright file. I'm sorry. I didn't give it any thought since I was just putting this on a mug for personal use. I removed the file I posted.
  9. Linda1

    How many layers?

    Thanks, guys. Jaybird, it cut great. Much faster and smoother. Thanks again.
  10. Linda1

    How many layers?

    I tried cutting this file, and I'm pretty sure there are duplicate layers. I use scal3, and tried to the simplify the nodes, but it made very little difference. In the layers window it had lots of blank squares that made no difference that I could see when I tried to hide them. It cut, but had lots of tiny slivers and took forever. Can anyone tell me how to fix these problems? Thanks.
  11. Linda1

    Question about car decal application

    As per request, here is a picture. Everything went well except it started raining. Removed a butterfly from bottom so we could move the entire design down some.
  12. Linda1

    Question about car decal application

    I'm worried because when I held it up to her car, it looks like I have to put it over the door handle unless we remove the bottom butterflies and lower the entire design.
  13. Linda1

    Question about car decal application

    Yes, paper tape! Thanks for the video. I had only found ones for small window decals.
  14. My daughter bought this decal for her car and I would appreciate any hints and suggestions on how to apply it. I know how to apply large graphics using the hinge method on a wall, but not on a curved surface with door handles! I would have cut something for her, but I only have a 12" black cat lynx and would have had to piece it together.
  15. Linda1

    QR code in vinyl

    I used this site about a year ago. Since then it looks like you have to sign up. Anyway the attached file is one I made. It worked fine.