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  1. Slayer, For 150 t-shirts left chest logo full back I'd charge $4.00 includinging the t-shirt small to extra large $4.50 per t-shirt. Free Setup and Screens. I would have to see the both the logo and the final artwork first. Paul

  2. i dunno how to change it from signblazer to eps or jpeg shirt blank.SBD
  3. i could pm you the graphic ect its basically hundred fifty shirts 10x12 lettering on back and small logo on front
  4. hello i was asked if i could do a large order of shirts for a local company 150 shirts would it even be feasible or profitable to do this with heat press vinyl shirt and material cost alone is about 5 per shirt
  5. please help me i just spent two hours laying out a shirt in sign blazer when it suddenly crashed it gave me an option to save but i cant see where it saved anything is it retreivable or do i start over lol grrrr
  6. slayer3103

    cant see pics anymore

    i cant see any of the pics in this forum anymore since the change why is this this is horrible
  7. slayer3103

    hang over baby any one have

    any one have this image in a cuttable form
  8. hello im doing alot of etching lately and im using avery paint mask its very conformable but as far as transfer tape is there anything i can use to conform it to the shape of glasses better ive tried r tape and simple blue masking tape blue masking tape works the best so far any suggestions
  9. hell o im trying to save my files from desk top to sd card and thumb drives i have to 2gb cards i can put about 200 files on a card and then it says cannot create directory card is only about 1/8th full does it on every sd and thumbdrive i have any reason why
  10. hello im trying to save all my eps files frommy desktop to thumb drives and sd cards i have a 2gb sd card it will allow me to put about 200 eps files on it then after that it says cannot creat directory and i cant put anyhting else on it but card is only like 1/8th full why is it doing this
  11. slayer3103

    Teach me how to use Easyweed.....

    what exctly do you want to know ?
  12. slayer3103

    Camo vinyl
  13. heres my problem one is when i import image some times if i node edit them after im done the whole image dissapears second some files i can node edit them but i have no control over where the nodes go its like its not reacting to my movements with the mouse third once this happens if i try putting anything in the screen i can not move it precisly anymore again it moves very akwardly with the mouse only way i can fix it is to reinstall signblazer wth is wrong
  14. slayer3103

    text problems cursive lettering

    hell im trying to cut words using one of the standard cursive fonts where the letters conect it cuts each letter instead of connecting them how do i fix this