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    Inkscape/Signcut issue

    I reinstalled and it worked. Anyone know how to delete my original post??
  2. Geronimology

    Inkscape/Signcut issue

    Recently I tried to open an Inkscape file(simple text image that was created in Inkscape) in my Sign Cut Pro. When opening folders to find file in Sign Cut I can see the file I saved as an svg but it is not allowing me to click on it and open it up. I have been doing it this way forever....but all of a sudden it has stopped working. Any ideas why or solutions to this simple problem. The only thing I can think of is that maybe something happened when I removed file icons 'Inkscape1' and 'Inkscape2'.....leaving the most recent 'inkscape3'. Any help would be much appreciated. Is there a free alternative to Inkscape?? All I do are text files and convert logos from the Internet.