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  1. desertdog10

    clear vinyl

    I think you can print on it with a solvent printer and do things like printing text instructions and then cutting out the sheet to apply to an object.
  2. Wonderful! Thank you both. That puts me in the right direction!!
  3. Happy Holidays all- I have a customer that want me to make some stickers that he can put on his business equipment (construction stuff) that say "Property of- then company name" but he wants them to not come off easily. He mentioned something like the license plate stickers we use in AZ to show registration dates. I can print with either my laser printers or my ink jet epson 1100 with pigment ink. Color isn't necessary but desired. I'd probably try to contour cut them in sizes from 1" x 3" up to maybe 4" x 6" so small sheets are fine. I have used the papillo waterproof vinyl with oracal over laminate but not sure they have the stickiness he needs. They shouldn't be easily removed or even pull apart in tiny pieces if tampered with. Any suggestions appreciated!!
  4. Hey all, I've had my copam for a couple of years and have paid for it numerous times with the stuff I make but lately I've been noticing an issue that I was wondering if anyone else has had happen. I've noticed that when weeding, I'm getting these little "ropes" of vinyl at one point on each letter. I've not noticed these before and with some further investigating, I see that what's happening. I didn't know that the cutter goes past the start point when it makes, say a circle, but in my case, when it does, it is just a little bit off so that it leaves this tiny thread of vinyl where it didn't match up with the start point. It's happening on all my cuts, which are short bumper sticker sized. I tried taking the cutter apart and cleaning belts, rollers, etc. All the belts were nice and tight, feels like my pinch rollers are nice and tight. I was hoping there was something that I could adjust or tighten to fix the old girl back to normal. I've attached a pic, but it's not really clear. Also, there's been no change to offset, pressure, or speed to account for the gradual change. I'd getting time for me to consider another cutter and keep this one as a spare but I was hoping to get a little more out of her before I bite the bullet on my new one. Any help appreciated! -Jeff
  5. desertdog10

    Really in a bind. Can anyone help me?

    Thank you Thank you! Outbreak and Racinboy! You saved my hide!!
  6. I have this customer that sent me just a.jpg and I'm having a heck of a time getting it to trace cleanly in Corel or Inkscape. Can anyone convert it so that it is in like .eps or .svg with the colors broken up for cutting? Thanks in advance.
  7. desertdog10

    Need help vectorizing for multicolor

    Ooops- Thought I did. Here ya go. Thanks so MUCH!!!
  8. desertdog10

    Need help vectorizing for multicolor

    Hey guys- I have this jeep club that wants to do their logo in cut vinyl instead of a printed sticker. My challenge is that it is multicolor and I'm not worth a hoot at vectorizing and seperating out the colors to cut. I'm thinking 3 max colors. Anyone able to give it a go? Any help appreciated!!! I use SBlazer to cut from .eps files but use Inkscape (.svg) or Corel (.cdr) to create them if that helps. -Jeff
  9. desertdog10

    Need banner pricing help

    Thanks BannerJohn! That's more than I thought I could get. Looks like a better market to be in than $4 car decals. LOL -Jeff
  10. Hi all, I need a quote for 10 banners - 8ft x 2.5ft. The customer is a member of a local 4x4 club I'm in and I really want the business but haven't priced banners before. I don't want to give the business away but I want to make it a no brainer for him to picke me. Attached is what he wants. Any help with pricing is appreciated! -Jeff
  11. desertdog10

    Embed some comments in Inkscape

    I agree- but for some reason, every once in a while when I pull up a design to cut, it just stares at me in a generic font and I have to figure out what I used. Was hoping there was a way to type something on the screen and have signcut ignore it- I guess I could make it a different color and then de-select that color.. hmmm.. seems like there should be a way. Thanks for the reply. -Jeff
  12. desertdog10

    Embed some comments in Inkscape

    This is a strange question I know- I do my vectoring in Inkscape and export to signcutx2. Sometimes I'll open an inkscape file and it has lost my font that I saved it with- don't know why- just occasionally it happens. It's a major pain to figure out what I had used to post it on my store so I was wondering if there was a way to put some text on the page that would not get exported (i.e. ignored) when exporting to signcutx2? Any help appreciated. Thanks! -Jeff
  13. desertdog10

    Vinyl on t-shirts peal after wash

    Don't give up yet- I had the same problem and stumbled across my problem. I found that the aluminum base was slightly warped and the front and back touched before the middle did- so any amount of pressure wan't going to get the center (the part you need) to have good pressure. You can easily test this by taking a good quality carpenters square and placing it on the base (after removing the pad) and see if you have any gaps. Since I don't have tools to file down aluminum, what I did was place a 11x11 inch 1/4 inch thick square of wood paneling under my 15x15 inch pad in the center. The ensures that the center (where I place the vinyl) will have the greatest pressure. Eventually I will just replace the press but this is what my issue was. I completely understand your pain and frustration!!!! I was just convinced that it was NOT possible to get a good stick with vinyl. Now I know better. -Jeff
  14. Thanks, Kevin. That's a great idea. Hopefully that will tell me something. As it is, I have the press clamped down to my workbench and it take about all I'm worth to pull the handle up when done- will give this a try and report back. Thank YOU!
  15. I've been selling vinyl decals for just over a year now and have had a ball with it. Been very successful and never a disappointed customer because I use good stuff. I've had more and more requests for tshirts and a while back bought a heat press off ebay and I have had really mixed results with it. I have the infrared temp gauge, I've used all kinds of pressure and time settings but still find that almost all the test shirts I've done, begin to peel after just a couple of washes. I'm using siser ezweed and gildan heavy cotton shirts from jiffy shirts. I've tried unwashed and washed shirts. The small stuff always seems to start pulling away. I've pressed- re-pressed- no change in results. Using a teflon sheet. I've done alot of reading on there and I'm suspicious of the press (chinese) and perhaps colds spots (even thought my thermometer doesn't support that theory) but after numerous tries, It just doesn't seem logical that I haven't been able to get small lettering to stay stuck . My current dilemia- I have a chance at a fairly large order that I'm sure I can get (100+) shirts and this is for someone I work with. I'm really having a hard time pulling the trigger on it because I don't want to produce stuff that she will bring back to me in 2 months. Question: Should I just assume it's the press and get a well know USA machine and assume that's my problem OR is it really not a very good way to do shirts (vinyl)? Please- any suggestions very much appreciated. -Jeff