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  1. Hello, I own a Vinyl Graphics co, I Currently Use a Kodak Printer to do ALL my Order forms, lets just say it takes about 2 hrs to print 100 order forms, I got through print heads like crazy thank goodness the Ink is Cheap. So My intentions was to buy a Color Laser Printer for the Speed...I have a Heat Press and we were going to Try to Cut Vinyl and Press it, We did a few Shirts and realized that This would take Forever! So I was looking into Printing my Graphics and Pressing them. Im also starting a candy wrapper Business, I have been Searching for WEEKS for a printer...I had talked to a business that owns a Konica , Not sure what Model but they use it to print transfers, I havent found a forum that has discussed the Konica, I was going to buy a Ricoh and thats what I was leaning to BUT My Question is, Im on a budget, I want to know if there is a printer that will Print my Documents and everyday printing at a decent speed, unlke my kodak, AND be able to Print Heat Transfers, one other thing is I want to Print on light and dark clothing. PLEASE help, I have spent weeks looking and LOL dont know what the Heck im to look for basically. I dont want to get expensive Nor cheap.