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  1. first off DONT build the A-frames ...... much easier to just leave that to the pros .. buy the A-Frames ... and profit yourself $75 or so, including whatever graphics or text .. (why do so many people worry about what's on the sign?) ........... Just a dam sign .... Graphics or text or both, experienced artists should not have a problem with an easy text based only A-frame and an A-frame with complex graphics and text ... still the same square feet ... only the text based sign is run of the mill and the intensive one you ACTUALLY care about ... do a better job at .. brag about more ... and always get pictures of .. hmm... to be honest with ya, I'd much rather do a 7 layer bad ass graphic than a BS(have to measure), run of the mill sign with only squared text. SeaTek <---
  2. $1500 - $2500??:thumbsup:? are you serious????? do you not realize how many geeks without jobs there are? ... c'mon now ... seriously a few hundy to a well placed friend of a friend will do ... hehehe SeaTek <--- it's not what you kn--- ahh forget it ......
  3. Guessing 2.1/2' is the same thing as 2.5' ... x8' .. if so .. 2.5 x 8 = 20 sq. ft. I never give my customers more options than they can handle so I always stick with the same rule ... I use the banner material I have on the roll I just bought ... (again, not giving options). I never give them more than 25 or so FONT choices, (unless there picky, and have there own in mind) and a good rule of thumb, and usually a LOW side of prices for banners is $7.50 sq ft. (not seamed, but grommeted) .. I never seam unless asked for and charge more for .. (I have banners 8+ years old without seams) so you probably just bid yourself in half ... The next competitor down the road was asking $195 ... I promise you. U.S. prices ... west coast ... seattle area ... it's all different SeaTek <--- <-----------edit------------> contents of banner no matter what it is, is always same price .. (just text, or graphics + text, no difference) if your good, this shouldn't matter, even with a difficult cut and weed, you should still average out to the better, one cut, five cuts, one color or six ... stick to a rule of thumb and you'll do fine .. <-----edit to the edit-------> only use signcraft as a guide... use the economy and your area as a guide .. only you can guage how much your time and efforts are worth ... check out other sign shops by acting like a nOOb and going into them and finding out for yourself .. check out ALL, not just SOME of the shops in your area ... do NOT under charge for your work ... you are worth 85 to a 100 bucks an hour ... dont forget it .. (that's if your as good as I) ........ MuHaHaHaHaHa!!! ... good luck .. this will be the final edit ... peace out .. and good luck .. SeaTek <---
  4. seatek

    Just A TEST ...

    <------------------------------------------------> 1. 400? .. (just a guess) 2. less than 400 3. unsure at this time due to being new to this forum could be wrong ... your thoughts?
  5. seatek

    Just A TEST ...

    Hello all, Out of the 4500 or so members ... 1. How many do you think are active weekly? 2. How many of those active members do you think are ACTIVELY contributing ... ... and finally ... 3. How many .. or what percentage do you think are just using this forum as a one sided tool? Just thought I'd ask .. SeaTek <---
  6. seatek

    trying to design a company logo. any helpers?

    name of the company would help.
  7. seatek

    Quick question

    got it .. you have to DE-check the 'show white' button ... that was all .. jeeeesh ... fought that problem for a year now!
  8. seatek

    Quick question

    ok... here's a little more info .. I got this intricate vector of a 'halo' guy or something and I can delete manually the second lines, however, there are tons of linework here and that would be crazy to manually do. I'm not as interested in getting the artwork a single line as I am trying to figure out why live trace creates two lines and or how I can eliminate the second set of lines easily ... here is the image that I have live traced and has two levels of lines (levels layers .. whatever) ... any illy gurus here would be greatly appreciated .. I use CS3 with Summa Winplot to cut with my Summa Cut 620 (10 year old machine that cuts better than most new ones today) ... thanks for all the help in advance .. SeaTek ********** update ********** got a trial license of signcut x2 only to be told my trial had expired already! they used to have live support you could get a trial key instantly .. looks like x2 has gone down in support as much as they have gone up in prices! used to be able to get the software for like 3 bucks a month ... ******* end update ********* ******* update_2*********** not that there very xpensive to begin with .. just that they got rid of there 3 month .. $15 license .. ok .. guess that's 5 bucks a month .. my bad .. (liked that I could use them when I wanted). Guess I still will ... please o please help with this (probably very easy) problem .. SeaTek 206.769.5481
  9. seatek

    Quick question

    Does anyone know why, when you live trace, it creates double lines?
  10. seatek

    Free vector graphics link

    Cant believe no one has listed these ... &