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  1. aries58

    Friends of coal

    Thanks got it..
  2. aries58

    Friends of coal

    I did a search and came up with nothing..Thanks
  3. aries58

    Some Ideas for this event..Thanks

    What kind of decals?Thanks
  4. aries58

    Some Ideas for this event..Thanks

    I don't know which would be best to sell any suggestions?
  5. I need some ideals for this event..I want sale at this event...Thanks
  6. aries58

    Kentucky Wildcats

    Howdy neighbors from Pikeville..
  7. aries58

    Projescts I am playing with and learning..

    Might as well be,its not going away..
  8. aries58

    old school semi lettering

  9. aries58

    Projescts I am playing with and learning..

    Thanks for reply and looking.. I added color to a black and white photo.I am not into this for a income .Therefore i can play with many projects..
  10. I have been playing with some projects and here are a few first timer ones..Enjoy...
  11. aries58

    Hi everyone, I need help already!

    try the ports
  12. yes from font freaks site
  13. This font is called Beautiful Font.Anyone have it to share, or know where I can get something similar ..Thanks
  14. aries58

    Vinyl Banners

    WHY, Can't you read?