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    cr630 only cuts once

    nope, ive been browsing this forum and t-shirt forum, and ive come to learn im not the first one with this problem. one person was told to buy a serial port addapter, but i dont have a serial port in the back of my pc.
  2. mac6986

    cr630 only cuts once

    thats all i can use. i forget what type of usb cable it is but heres a pic also just a little more info, i have to restart the computer to remedy the situation and i still only get the one cut. theres no other ports being used, asside from the dongle for flexi. i just had the computer re-formated and this is the only thing thats been installed since.
  3. mac6986

    cr630 only cuts once

    yes, its usb
  4. mac6986

    blade pressure

    yea i pulled te blade and holder out and it had some shards of vinyl in the hole. brand new blade tho. now you say i should just barley be able to feel the blade sticking out?
  5. tarantula & marygirl, im in the same boat you guys are in. i didnt research enough before i bought. i also bouth the cr630 from cutterpros. mine was from their ebay store, but thats beside the point. i opened the box when i got it ( yesterday) and was quite dissapointed with the litterature or lack-there-of that came with it. the manual on the cutter itself is not user-friendly at all. im still trying to understand it. along with the poorly put together cutter manual, the software had no paperwork at all. so i was going crazy trying to figure out how to work this "dongle" and get flexi out of demo mode. come to find out they printed the activation code on an 8" long by 1/8" wide sliver of paper that was just free floating in the box. now that i had the code and the key, the code they gave me didnt match up to the key i got. im just about fed up at this point. now i tried downloading a different plotting program and can you guess what happened? thats right, a virus of some sort found its way onto my computer. im about to flip out.
  6. mac6986

    flexi wont let me cut

    flexi wont let me cut at all, and whats the point of this dongle thing?
  7. mac6986

    flexi wont let me cut

    thats what happens when you ask before you look, i found my dongle code and linked it with the dongle itself. im pretty disgusted with the kit that cutterpros sent me. i should have done a bit more research before i purchased, but my flexi program came, and it was a cd in a paper sleeve with the dongle taped to the front of it. the code was actually printed on a little sliver of paper no more than 1/8" wide floating around in the box. no instructions what so ever on the software. im figuring it out as i go but its trial and error.
  8. mac6986

    can you cut from cs4

    now im new to this so forgive me if these questions sound stupid but do i need to identify my cutter as a printer and just send my finished job to that selected printer? or is there some different things i need to do?
  9. mac6986

    Newbie from Jersey

    Hey all, just bought a procut 630, planing on doing some r/c car body graphics anad seeing where i go with it. one question tho, is adobe photoshop like adobe illustrator? im proficcient in photoshop, but have actually never used the other.
  10. mac6986

    Newbie from Jersey

    monmouth county, belmar area
  11. dose anybody use beacon? are they reliable, they seem to carry a wide variety of supplies. i myself am new to all of this, and i was planning on ordering stuff from them