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    Sign Blazer Help PLEASE!!

    Is there anyone out here still using Sign Blazer??? I am in dire need of some assistance! Ive been using Sign Blazer for YEARS, I love it! Ive done hundreds of jobs with it. When I purchased a new cutter ( TC Plotter) from US Cutter they helped me to set it up and its worked beautifully. I have moved my cutter and my computer from one location to another and all of a sudden it wont communicate with my computer... I called US Cutter and was told we do not support this software and cant give you any help at all. I begged and pleaded to no avail. My plotter came with SCAL PRO3, I tried it didnt like it so didnt learn it... It will not read ANY of my EPS files. If anyone an help me I would be forever grateful!! US Cutter and I did establish that SCAL will indeed cut with my current set up so the problem is not the cutter, the computer, or any cords... its sign blazer! I sat here this morning and designed 6 different designs to cut this afternoon using sign blazer and cant cut any of them! please help
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    Sign Blazer Help PLEASE!!

    WOO!!! I finally got it....Uninstalled and Reinstalled looked for a USB port, found USB port 7 clicked on it, changed the baud rate to 38400 ( was 9600) and hit to my ears! thanks for the help! THANK YOU!!!!!! You have no idea how much I appreciate the help...
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    Sign Blazer Help PLEASE!!

    I just did, I tried all that are listed there and nothing works..... I'm using USB connection but I dont have the option...only COM port and LPT? Maybe thats the problem?
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    Sign Blazer Help PLEASE!!

    Thanks for the reply, in sign blazer when i click on cutter set up, the drop down menu lists of cutters does not list the TC, I guess thats why US Cutter had me use the CoPamCP2500, and I do not have any USB options, I have tried EVERY output device listed from Blazer LPT1, 2, 3, 4, Blazer COM 1, 2,3 and 4 I even tried the Blazer FILE and the Microsoft Document Imaging Writer....none have worked. I'm at a loss as to why it wont work in the first place, all I did was move it. Any other suggestions besides uninstalling it and reinstalling it? I know you said I wont lose all my files but I'm scared to death that I will LOL!
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    Sign Blazer Help PLEASE!!

    Thanks for the reply, I'm using XP, everything is connected via usb ports, would it make a difference if I plugged the plotter into a different usb port? When us cutter first set it up they had me using CoPamCP2500 plotter in the cutter set up with BLAZER LPT 1. Do I need to turn the plotter off everytime i switch the usb ports? I'm at a loss here
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    3 different fonts

    Ive been looking for 2 days, I have even tried to use the whatthefont still cant figure it out..... anyone know what any of these 3 fonts might be? Any help will be appreciated!
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    3 different fonts

    Thank you both for your help! I appreciate it!
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    derby cars

    hey all, does anyone know where i can get a cuttable eps of this pic? dont need the words only the cars, without numbers in them. I've googled it and have been searching all vector sites I know of and cant seem to find it. I'm getting desperate! I use sign blazer, ive tried to trace it in inkscape and save it but i cant see it in sign blazer when i try and open it. I do save it as an eps. I'm lost! any help is VERY appreciated!
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    derby cars

    democars1.eps HA! I figured out the problem! It had 8 layers! I managed to break it down by layer and saved the one I liked the best and then edited the nodes and removed the car numbers as well as the text and WOO! It worked! So excited! I'm posting the eps file if anyone would like it! not sure if it posted or not, I sure hope so!
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    simple smileys or Angel smiley face

    Thanks Everyone! I love them all! You guys rock!
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    simple smileys or Angel smiley face

    in search of an Angel Smiley Face if anyone can help thanks!!!
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    thank you very much for the skull!
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    New Skull

    thank you so much...
  14. the vinyl wall art is cut in sections. When you have the graphic on your computer screen, and lets say its4ft wide. x 6ft long, and several different colors ( red, yellow and brown) and you have brown vinyl on your cutter, you will select the color you want your cutter to cut in this case brown. you have already set your vinyl size, lets say you have a roll of brown vinyl thats 15' wide X 60 ft long. the cutter will cut all the brown vinyl even if the graphic is wider than your vinyl, it will cut it into sections. You just have to know which piece goes once all your brown is cut change out the vinyl to one of the other colors say yellow and tell the cutter to cut all the really isnt hard to understand but i think the first step is for you get a cutter and some vinyl and start small. Make sure you buy the correct type of vinyl, not all vinyl can go on walls without destroying the wall once you take it down. and also the application tape! Have fun most of all, its very addicting! Renee
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    Guns and Coffee

    thanks for the files! Much appreciated!
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    Giving back....2nd Admenment

    thank you! Love it!
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    Does anyone have this already?

    thanks for the awesome graphic..I'm gonig to make it BIG on the front of a
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    TC 31"

    I also got my TC Cutter put together...was easy, the disk that came with the cutter was a bust though. would not run for anything but I did manage to get the drivers and everything communicating with no problem. As far as SCALP.....I messed around with it for a couple of hours and so far.....DON'T LIKE IT. Some of my EPS files will open and some will not. I do not much care for the set up of all the screens and I'm having a hard time finding how to do easy things like ARC text. I'm going to keep trying to get used to it and learn it for as long as my patience lasts....I do like my new cutter though!
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    Hi All!

    Hello Everyone! While I am not "new" here, I havent been here in awhile. I decided the other day I needed to have a second cutter in my shop, actually was going to purchase one last year but never did. I've been operating my t shirt shop with my P-Cut and sign blazer for the last 5 years! The P-Cut is a cheapo cutter, I purchased it thru US Cutter's Ebay Store for 300.00 and have had a successful business. I have never had any problems with my cutter and it's still going strong! It has served me well but with 5 years of constant cutting I was beginning to get a little nervous with its remaining life span LOL! I ordered my new TC Cutter on Monday and here it is Thursday 12:30, Fedex left here an hour ago! Anxious to get it set up and learn this Sure Cuts Alot! I havent seen anything on the Forum in regards to this TC Cutter so as soon as I set up and hopefully cut with it I will post! Nice to be back here and see some familiar screen names from " back in the day" Renee
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    Youve been warned.

    Hey Dan, Nice to be back, I've missed this place... Not enough hours in the day anymore. My new cutter arrived today, ( did I mention I ordered it on Monday?) I remember when I ordered my P-Cut it took 8 LONG days to get here! I'm impressed with how far US Cutter has come! I hope to hang out here a little more often, but for now going to go and get my cutter set up and hopefully running. I hope Sure Cuts Alot doesnt give me too many problems, if it does I always have Sign Blazer. Renee
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    TC Cutter

    I purchased a TC Series Cutter yesterday....It will be delivered tomorrow ( YAY ) I'm actually delighted and surprised it will be here so soon! I've been running my t-shirt shop for 5 years with my 25' P-Cut and sign blazer. I have not had one ounce of trouble out of my machine and the only thing I have ever had to replace is the cutting strip and blades. I have on many occasions wished I had TWO machines so I could get the jobs done that much quicker especially when I have to do 200 t-shirts! I have been reading the forums on the Sure Cuts Alot software and I'm not thrilled with the trouble people seem to be having with EPS files...EVERYTHING I have is in EPS!!! After reading all that I went in search of ANYTHING to do with a TC Cutter...there is ZIP here on this cutter....Am I the first person to buy one of these?? Anyone know anything at all about this cutter??? Thanks in advance!
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    Youve been warned.

    I purchased my P-Cut 5 years ago.....the only thing I have replaced on it is the cutting strip (once) and the blades....its still going strong and has NEVER failed me. oh did I mention I have a STORE in town, I have cut THOUSANDS of EPS files with my little "cheapo" cutter, everything from window and wall graphics to hundreds of t-shirt designs. Yesterday I ordered the TC Cutter with Sure Cuts Alot. I hope I love it as much as I love my P-Cut and sign blazer!
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    PLEASE!anything with a seat belt

    thanx mb for the file of the seat belt! I did manage to find one and traced it, worked perfectly, I will upload the file i created in a day or two so others may be able to use it! thank you again!
  24. Cre8tiveCutter

    PLEASE!anything with a seat belt

    Does anyone have an EPS of a seat belt? Our local HS is doing safety week and I am in need of anything with a seat belt on it. I have looked everywhere, even the DOT I thought they may have SOMETHING! Thanx in advance!
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    PLEASE!anything with a seat belt

    thanx Jay I will try that!