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  1. Printed pattern vinyl zebra camo, Glitter colors please or better metallic colors such as pink, teal and so on.
  2. Fumbles

    Iphone Templates

    here's red red/gold decal and the transparent vinyl on top. mine been on it for 3 weeks. no problem
  3. Fumbles

    Guns and Coffee

  4. Fumbles

    Turbocharger Vectors Turbo

    Try this one
  5. Fumbles

    looking for ford mustang cuttable images

    something like this. i have a lot more but not sure what sytyle you looking for.
  6. Fumbles

    Black Widow

    Nice Thanks.
  7. Fumbles

    Iphone Templates

    its realy easy I have one but you should a least try to do it first. make a squre then round courner about .33in and so one. Just make sure you get your mesurements right. Try Meters a bit easier than inches
  8. Fumbles

    working on new vector "Very Complicated"

    Ok thanks for the advice
  9. Fumbles

    working on new vector "Very Complicated"

    Done came out nice ill post later
  10. Its an Image that a customer wants for his Mustang.